Homemade Humor #5

While heading down to the basement I asked Collin to help me bring up the twin mattress. ‘Moommm, I can’t. You got the big muscles, I just got the little ones!!’ We got the mattress, and I was praising his efforts. He was doing a great job. We got to the steps, and he’s like, ‘I can’t do this.’ But we figured out a way. Soon he was telling me to ‘Slow down’, ‘You’re pinching me’, ‘Stop plowing me over.’ And I was just hooting. After which, he came down the steps to ‘paddle my butt’, because I was laughing too hard at everything he was saying!! And I couldn’t push the mattress properly. But his ‘tiny muscles’ did an awesome job at helping. And now he is the proud owner of an upper bunk!!


What goes through your mind when overhearing a conversation, but don’t see what’s going on… Delvyn had just walked into the bathroom where Collin and Rylen were sitting in the tub… ‘Collin, what’s up with the pot plunger??’ ‘Dad, I cleaned my ears.’


‘Collin, you have your Dad’s toes. Did you know that??’ ‘I’m my Dad’s boy!!’


Today Jevan has been getting his underware and pants wet every.time.he.pees. All because he doesn’t wait for me to point him into the pot, so he shoots out every where else. (He stands at times, but not often.) This last time I informed him, ‘You are just going to wear the wet underware.’ He sweetly looked up at me with that charming grin of his and said, ” ‘Ou ‘ave to ‘mell me!!” (You have to smell me.)


‘It’s loose!!’ He hollers from the top bunk, where he was laying, ready for a good nights sleep. But first he had some ‘issues’ to take care of!! I hollered back, from the kitchen, ‘What’s loose??’. I could hear more creaks and shakes coming from that top bunk… Soon a reply came back out from the darkened room, ‘It’s all that sugar!!’ By then my curiosity was getting the best of me, so entered the quiet room, quiet except for the wiggling child on that top bunk.

‘What’s loose?’ I ask. ‘It’s all that sugar!! I had a hotdog and bun, chips and some soda pop today. And it’s all loose in there (belly).’ As once again he begins his wiggle and I realize he was wiggling his stomach and hearing/feeling the sloshing liquid inside from his-just-drank-nutrition-shake.

I couldn’t help myself!! I left the room shaking with mirth and letting the laughter roll!! He had went with his Dad to a cow auction for the day. And it bugs him when he eats something that he knows he should not have. ‘Mom, that soda, I not drink much, just some.  But it really did taste good. And now I might get sick.’

Oh, the innocence of my boys, whom others may think I am brain-washing, telling them that sugar makes one get sick. But you must know the whole story… sugar will not in and of its self make you sick. It weakens ones body, making it more susceptible to bugs that come around. And I tell my boys that too, they just shorten it, saying what they remember. I love the humor and fun they bring to my life!!!

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One Response to Homemade Humor #5

  1. Jen says:

    Very cute, sometimes I wish I’d write down everything that happens in my house cuz I forget it way to soon!! Have happy holidays with your little family:)

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