Lyme Update

A Spirochete

Where do I even start?? So much as happened in the past 2 months. And most of it for the good!! Things have been going so much better then I expected. I am just amazed and so Blessed!!! I also wonder why it goes good for me and I have a cousin with Lyme and she is so very, very sick!! She is just not getting on top of it, and yet here I am, feeling the best I’ve felt in a long, long time. All I can say is, “God knows best”!!!

I know my blog has been neglected. And I feel bad, but not bad enough. Because it means I’m feeling good and am not spending much time here. I’m busy with my home, family and well, life.

I had mentioned a while ago that I would post what I have done/been doing to treat the Lyme. Like what steps I have made and what supplements I have/am taking. I’ll try to sum it up, but it may get long.

  • Our first step was the Diet Change. And we are still on that, although we have added a few foods back in. In the last 2-3 wks we have been eating more fruit. Do I even need to say we are loving it?? The boys would just eat and eat if I left them. I was so happy that there weren’t any reactions to the fruit. None whatsoever!!! Rylen would always break out with a rash the next day after eating grapes or apples, and so far none has appeared.

We also started using Spelt Flour. It is a flour with very low gluten content. And so far we’ve not had any bad effects from using it. Although I do use it very sparingly. Over Christmas I made my butterhorns -with Spelt, and everyone loved them. Some even liked them better then the whole wheat I had made.  I wanna try making spelt pasta now too. The boys would love to have some pasta back in their diet, the rice and potato thing is, well, getting old, they think!!! But I will still limit the amount we eat, as it does feel heavy in our stomachs yet. But that is sort of a normal feeling, as you become aware of how foods make you feel after you eat them.

  • The 2nd thing we started doing was taking Reliv, as nutritional supplement. My mom had been on it for a while and felt like it was helping her and we were tossing the idea around of me starting on it. But the cost was holding us back. (Although it is much cheaper than the Mannatech we had started a while ago.) But once we realized how much I lacked energy, we decided to do it, knowing my immune system and whole body needed some major help!! The boys are also taking a kids version of it as well. And they love it.

I have heard a couple testimonies of lyme victims who are now symptom free after being on Reliv. So we have high hopes of this being a big step in the right direction!! The Cho. flavor the boys are taking is reported to be great for yeast. So I know it is helping them out.

  • Once we knew my thyroid was way low, I started a thyroid support. My Doc. thought I should see results within a few days, but it took more like 2 wks. I started that in Oct. But I would say I didn’t see the full effect until the beginning of Dec. And my thyroids are still swollen, so I don’t know how long it will take to get them to a more normal place.
  • I also started taking a strong pill to kill off the yeast/fungus in my system. It was called CandiBactin, and it was strong!! While I was taking them, I felt like I had an upset stomach all the time. So I didn’t eat a whole lot either, which in looking back, that was a big contributor to my loosing weight too. When I stopped taking them in mid November, I was amazed at how much better I felt. And at how much I felt like eating and that food tasted good again.
  • I also did a Bowel Cleanse in Nov. Just to get my system moving regularly. I still have to really work with it. But I can tell when things are moving through sluggishly, I don’t feel up to power like I normally should be. And I would say it’s because as I am feeding my body the good nutrition and treating Lyme, it causes toxins as it flushes them from the system. So if it’s not being carried out fast enough, I feel sick!!
  • I began taking ‘Lymogen’, from Jernigan Naturals, in Dec. (Sorry the link to the Lymogen is broken on their site, has been for a while.) I was pretty nervous about starting it, but I never once have felt sick while taking it. And I was very amazed!!! As normally, when you start treating Lyme, you get sick from the die off. So I’m not sure if it’s not doing it’s job or my body is just handling the die-off in a good manner. I’d say it’s handling the die-off good.

The wheels are just clicking, and I am wondering if that is why my hip is more inflamed right now, like it has been for the past month. And nothing has seemed to help it.

  • I am also taking a Lymph support tincture. My lymph system is so bogged down and sluggish. So I am doing research into that and seeing what I can do to help it out better. I’ll do another post on that later… It’s way too much to add to this post!!
  • In Dec. I started doing a ‘Castor Oil Pack’ over my liver/abdomen, as explained in the book ‘Be Your Own Doctor’. (I have loved this book ever since I got it!!!) I have found much help in doing it overnight… going to sleep with it on, then leaving it there until after 3 sometime or whenever I wake up. (I love it, because the nights I do, my hubby has to get out of bed with the boys if they wake up.;) ) It enhances the liver function, stimulates the gall bladder, increases elimination and promotes relaxation. It also has a good impact on the lymph system, enhancing immunological function. I will write more about this in my Lymph post… as it goes with that. I’ll try to get it posted by next week.

So there you have it… I think I covered most, if not all of it. Seems like a lot to be doing, but really it was in steps. I think the key to Lyme healing is slow steps and starting with getting your immune system built up and getting your body into a place where it can handle the overload of a toxic system. I know my road has only started, and I may have to come back and rewrite some stuff… But that is where I am right now.

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