Entry Closet Re-Do

There is nothing like a closet that lacks function… And this one lacked LOTS. But I didn’t have the time or resources to redo it, so it sat, ’til Oct. Actually, that’s not true either. I had drawn up plans for a simple built-in storage system. Then showed my Dad and asked him for scraps of lumber he had. While I kinda had this feeling, that if I showed him what I wanted to do and said I was gonna do it myself, he’d jump in and do it himself. And that’s just what happened. I copied the plans I drew up and left them with him. (Knowing it would be a long time ’til it actually got done.)

And then this fall as Winter was setting in, I was getting frustrated with all the hats and gloves and mittens plus mud/barn boots, winter boots and shoes, for the boys. Most of the stuff has barn, play and going away pairs. It makes for way too many items to keep track of. And right now, they don’t like keeping their barn stuff in the basement. Sigh- the smell really aggravates me. And I try my best to keep it at a minimum. Collin has to keep his barn boots, since he is the one who goes to the barn the most, out in the {cold} garage or the basement. Otherwise I wash their stuff fairly often. Jevan is the one who loves to go out and play in the high moisture corn or the feed room. So he is the one who frequently comes in very, very white and corny!! And still grinning from ear to ear.

Anyway… I finally decided to do this…

There had been a full bar for hanging hangers on. But it didn’t get used by the little boys, except for their good coats. I had had a small kids sized hall tree, that was more often then not ‘over-stacked’. As you can see by the first picture. And that top shelf was an ugly eye-sore!!

I tried this drawer system, but it took away my hall tree. So I knew it was time for a change!! I liked the idea of the squares, but when I went to buy them, I couldn’t find them. And I knew they were not out of date or style. Mom finally bought them for me, as Daddy said to because he had promised to build me my build-ins. (They had included a bench for sitting and putting shoes on. I still like that idea. Maybe one day those cubes can find a new use in my living room…)

Putting the squares together. Collin thought that at this point, they made good cow stalls. Did any one say he has a great ‘farm’ imagination??!!??!!

He even got to help pound in the little nails on the backs of the boxes.

My hubby cut the top shelf of the closet into 3rds. And I painted them. I wanted to go with a dark chocolate-brown, but I didn’t want to spend any money. So I just used what I had. Who knows maybe one day I will repaint them. Delvyn also hung two sections at a lower level at the end of the closet for the boys.

And now we love it!!! (In this picture it was not finished yet. (Needs more hooks) I was going to take more pictures, but never got around to it.) I love too, that company can hang their coats in there too. And I didn’t pay a dime, but for the hooks!!

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