We Have This Moment…

…To hold in our hands and to touch, as it slips through our fingers like sand…

This is cousins of mine… I searched the song, having had no clue they were on YouTube.
I am really learning to live in the Moments!! And to make those little moments count. Rather then letting things bug me. I know God has me in this ‘moment’ for a reason, although days are still going to be rough.

Perfectionism-I have a big thing with certain areas being perfect or next to it. And a son who is fast following in those footsteps. And I found out, one Sunday while eating lunch on a small table, that I came by my characteristic honestly!! The table was cluttered with food and plates and trash… And my Dad was busily clearing himself a space, cleaning up the trash and organizing stuff. All of a sudden it hit me. ‘I am just like my Dad!!’

When my table and counter are cluttered and trashed, when my kitchen floor is littered with crumbs and dirt and food stickies, I am bugged!! I.Hate.Dirty.Socks!! And all manner of things sticking to them. And when surface areas are a wreck, I somehow feel like I’m a wreck. You know those areas that catch-all the ‘stuff’ that don’t have easy-to-find-homes. And places that collect E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. From the daily paper & flyers, the place for broken toys (everything from cow legs, ears and tails, trailer hitches, fence rails and more are expected to be magically fixed by Mom’s Glue!!) The place for shopping lists, and todays mail, the cups being used, on and on the list could go. Doesn’t every one have a spot like that?? When it gets too deep and there are a huge stack of dishes, I can/will be grumpy until it is all cleaned up.

The living room can be a huge mess… farm scenes and building blocks, tractors and trucks, books and whatever have you in every corner. For some reason it just doesn’t bug me like the kitchen does.

A side note -Why is it that as soon as you have the last dish washed, the troop comes through wanting to be fed??

Other areas can get cluttered, to a point… then I’m like a meerkat with ‘ants-in-my-pants’, as the boys would say. From the movie ‘Frantic Antics’- a very good kids animal movies-‘Growing Up Wild’. My boys watch them over and over. (Until June brings ‘Shaun the Sheep’.) Anyway… I can only stand so much clutter…

But what does that have to do with living in the moment?? As I am realizing my limitations, I am trying to prioritize things. And make it so that my boys get part of me. And not just the snappy worn out me that has nothing left…

‘What do you mean, less then nothing?’ replied Wilbur. ‘I don’t think there is any such thing as less then nothing. Nothing is absolutely the limit of nothingness. It’s the lowest you can go. It’s the end of the line. How can something be less than nothing? If there were something that was less than nothing, then nothing would not be nothing, it would be something-even though it’s just a very little bit of something. But if nothing is nothing, then nothing has nothing that is less then it is.

So I have started reading ‘Charlotte’s Web’. And they are loving it. If I have a moment that looks like I’m not doing anything important, Collin will bring me the book. So I am making moments… I can rest and read. And they don’t know I’m resting. So it’s a win-win situation.

I want to find those little moments and enjoy them. And not just see everything that I want to do or feel like I need to be doing. I need to just slow down and enjoy life!!


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2 Responses to We Have This Moment…

  1. Bev says:

    good post, Lois…

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