Juicer Advise, Please!!!

I am needing to get a juicer, A.S.A.P.!!!!! (For health reasons and more… I’ll explain later…) So I need opinions, A.S.A.P.!!! Please give me your knowledge of them, your experience, etc.  I feel really lost as I step into this new world of juicers…. My brain is really feeling overwhelmed with the whole  job of trying to compare products and prices and peoples reviews. I am also trying to find something of good quality for around $150. I want it to be something that will last, not give out in a few months from hard use.

I was told to get a Champion Juicer. But it is really big and really heavy and would take up a lot of space… Plus it’s over $200, not how much I’d like to spend.

I found this YouTube clip comparing the Champion to an Omega VRT330 

I like that Omega VRT as it’s upright and would take less space. BUT- it’s even more than a Champion… It’s over $300!!! Gulp

So then what about a smaller version… an Omega 4000??? Or other version of the Omega??

What about this Waring Pro JEX450?? It’s more in my price range, at $125, on Amazon. I got a Waring Pro Stick blender last fall and it seems to be a good quality.

There are also Breville Juicers, the L’Equip Juicer, which is the same brand as the grain mill I plan to get just soon here too, and there’s the Juiceman Pro. I really like Ferns Nutrition and the prices there, with free shipping. But then I would get free shipping on Amazon too, it’s gonna be more then $25.

So that’s kinda what I am looking at right now… I would love to have any and all opinions. Even if you don’t have, but have heard others talk about them, please share.


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One Response to Juicer Advise, Please!!!

  1. Shy says:

    Have you checked craigslist? I have a champion (yes they are bigger) that I got for $60. Part of the reason I got it was one of my friends said she grew up with one and they are “indestructible” as well as want to get the wheat grinder attachment some day…some day…and it was cheap.

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