Florida Bound

…It’s becoming a reality. Although I still feel like I am living in a fog!! It’s like the person who is going to Florida is not really me. I feel somehow disconnected from her, that ‘other person’. Maybe I’m still living in denial, that I am going to be gone for 3 whole weeks!! The denial that I will not miss my hubby and 2 boys. The denial that I am actually taking a step toward healing. The denial that it is really reality!!

For so long we had been praying… seeking God’s will in what to do, which steps to take… Where He was leading us. And for a while there didn’t seem to be a clear answer. It was just small things, doors closing, and another opening. It was just one little step of faith at a time. And as I look back, it is amazing to see how God worked it all out.

I had blogged before that we were looking at doing some treatments in Florida. Some friends at church mentioned that some mutual friends of ours had an apartment in Sarasota, maybe we could stay there. So we made contact. They live there in the winter and were there at the time. BUT they were possibly going to be gone for 4wks, Jan 24th -Feb 20th. He was waiting to find out if his visa would go through, so he could go to another country. He should know by the 2oth.

So that left things kinda hanging… how do I plan?? We still were not sure how we would pay for 3 wks of such intense treatments. But we kept taking tiny baby steps forward. We felt this was the path God was leading us down, and we were going to follow it ’til a door was firmly shut! And yes, God answered that prayer too.

I didn’t know who was going to go with me. The treatments are such that having someone with is recommended. Plus I was planning to take Rylen along. I had 3 leads that were ‘no goes’, and then Mom mentioned herself. And I was like ‘Why not??’ Although I had been planning for her to watch the 2 older boys. But some others have agreed to help out. And I realized how much of a load she took off my shoulders by going. If I would have had a younger girl go along, I would have had to do all the planning. Now I’ve left most of it to Mom! And I don’t feel near so stressed out about it all.

The 2oth came and no visa. But he was still holding out hopes that it would. And Sat. the 22nd, it did!!! We could have the apartment. So things were put into motion, in a very high gear. Sunday afternoon, the 23rd, tickets were purchased to fly on the 30th. We will be coming home the 19th of Feb. (Just in time to Celebrate a little of my Dad’s birthday!!) And our anniversary is on the 22nd.

I still just am amazed at the way God worked it all out. The way others have offered to help. It is humbling, but I am so grateful!!

I am scared too. Just what if it doesn’t all hold out, and I don’t get better?? What if I get so home-sick?? (‘Love-sick’, I’ve never been away from my Hubby for that long!!!) I really dread that part of it all. I know I’m going to miss my 2 boys. Rylen will miss his Dad and brothers too. But I know God had brought us this far… He will be with us through these big steps as well.

As for the treatments, I don’t understand them all yet. But I will say a bit of what I know.

I will be doing lots of cleansing/detoxing. These 3 wks will focus on the whole digestive system, liver, small intestines and kidneys. (I think that’s the main part.) (I won’t be doing a kidney cleanse.) It will be cleaning out the yeast/fungus/parasites, that go along with Lyme. When you have lyme, you have yeast/fungus/parasites. Lyme needs them to live. So I will be doing lots of fasting/juicing, and not a lot of eating.

And with cleansing your body of them, it will give it a major boost in being able to get rid of the lyme better. I will have to keep doing more things, this is not the end of the road by any sense of the word. But it will give my body a huge jump-start on getting rid of the lyme.

At some point I will probably return to Florida for more treatments. But I have no clue when that will be, though it will be in the next 6mths, probably.

We have heard many good reports of ‘Lymie’s’ who are doing much better after going through this first step in the program. So I have high hopes.

If you wanna read more about the cleanses, check out the website….

Living Healthy Institute

Thanks for your interest and prayers… It’s exciting to watch God lead.

*This post feels very disjointed somehow. But then right now my brain feels that way…*

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