Cleansing… In Florida

I wanna write things down-mainly so I don’t forget. And because I know there are those who are very curious as to what I am doing and what I have found out.
So I’ll try to relate what Mom and I have been learning since we’ve started these cleanses…
As I’ve mentioned before Lyme needs yeast to survive in the body. If you have lyme, you have yeast. Yeast breeds and grows in the small intestines, where the food is digested. And yeast feeds FIRST!!!! And our bodies get the leftovers. Processed foods are not digested properly in the digestive system, leaving the walls coated with a thick tar like substance, making it all the more difficult for the nutrients to get through. The small intestines are where the food is broken down, and the nutrients are taken out.
Yeast has ‘nests’ in the small intestines & mostly lives right next to the walls, between the walls and the ‘tar.’ So even if you take something to ‘kill’ the yeast and parasites, you won’t get them all!! Only cleanses will clean them out of there.
Many think that taking an antibiotic will kill the yeast/parasites, but it does the opposite, killing all bacteria but the yeast. The worse part is that it is killing the good flora in there too. And that leaves it wide open for yeast to have a wild, crazy growth spurt!! Yes, taking an antibiotic will tame the symptoms, but since our bodies do not recognize yeast to be harmful, it won’t attack or try to get rid of it.
Yeast suppresses the immune system, and causes a host of problems. Yes, even thyroid and sinus. Since yeast suppresses the immune system, the body won’t fight the lyme. And that is when the lyme can go wild… as well as whatever other bugs you pick up. But once you get rid of the yeast and replant good flora (probiotic) back into the gut/small intestines, good things will happen. Your immune system is strengthened and it recognizes the lyme as bad and will attack it.
I am hitting this cleanse program harder then most. She normally does a liver cleanse every 2 wks, I am doing one each wk. The whole program I am going through is normally done over 4-6wks. She said our bodies can handle this fast of a cleanse, it just is more of a shock on it.
So for this week I’ve done 2 Whole Digestive System cleanses, One Liver and one whole intestine. The liver cleanse is the roughest. But seeing the results makes me know I am doing the right thing!! Just seeing what all my liver was holding… stones from the liver, gallbladder and pancreas, and smelling the toxins… And I find this all intriguing!! {Smile}
I have to fast for 24 hrs before each cleanse… and my diet is limited to veggies, fruit and grains. No meat, so as to give my liver a break. I would so love to have a scales… {giggle} We do a lot of juicing on the fast days, so I really do not feel that hungry. And the limited foods we eat, is because the cleansing is rough on the stomach/digestive system.
The liver is the most important organ in the entire immune system because its primary function is to remove harmful chemicals, and unwelcome microscopic organisms that cause disease. It is a filter for the blood.
And like all filters, the liver becomes clogged and will no longer work properly. And the toxins that are not filtered properly are then stored, ending up all over ones body.
An unclean liver means unclean blood which blocks the tiny ducts in the thyroid gland.
Benefits of a Liver Cleanse include
-Enhanced ability to clean the bloodstream.
-Stronger immune system.
-Loss of toxic waste and weight.
-Improved metabolism.
-Cleaner skin.
-Improved digestion.
-Greater protection from degenerative diseases such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and asthma.
This liver cleanse I am doing also cleans the gall bladder, the pancreatic gland, and the spleen. It also helps cleanse the small intestine and colon while strengthening the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Additionally, proper liver cleansing improves the tone of the kidneys, and the thyroid gland. Clean blood helps to cleanse the thyroid gland and improve its function.
It is also important to do a digestive/small intestine cleanse right after, to clean out the toxins released by the liver and other organs. Otherwise it will just be absorbed back into your body in the intestines. And it can make you very, very sick!!!
The Small Intestine Cleanse benefits are
  • Cleanse from Heavy Metals
  • Cleanses yeast and parasites
  • Improved digestion and Nutrient absorption                            
  • Loss of toxic waste and weight (10-50 lbs. and more)
  • Improved Thyroid function
  • Stronger immune system
  • Clean the bloodstream
  • Gives super energy and much more
The whole digestive system cleanse benefits
-Cleanses and improves stomach function
-Cleanses and improves pancreas function
-Activates the liver
-Cleanse and improve the function of the colon
-Cleanse waste from the walls of the whole digestive system
-Eliminate a bad smell from the skin, breath, urine and bowel
-Eliminate toxic gases
-Activate nerves, digestive buds
-Dramatially improve digestion.
So you now know more of what I am learning… and I know I have lots more to learn. I am only starting. And I am loving it.
But l am missing my hubby and boys -ALOT!!! But it is good to know they are being well taken care of. And I know I am here for a good cause!!… And after I go home… health will soon follow.  Although I will still have things I will have to do to keep stepping up to better health.
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20 Responses to Cleansing… In Florida

  1. Bev says:

    Thanks! Wish it wouldn’t be so far away… sounds like something I would like to do and get some other people I know to do! 🙂

  2. Sandra Hershey says:

    Wow! that was interesting..but my mind got boggled!!!..I have diffently jumped on the organic- natural path for a year now.I did find out real fast that its a journey!..But I have one question…what cleansings would you recomend for the body? -to do on my own?

    • TenderHerb says:

      Good question… Mom is actually studying into it, as she would like the girls to do some of this stuff as well. It’s kinda hard to say… as Elana says it can be fatal to do your own liver cleanse. The reason being as the liver releases all the toxins into the intestines, if you don’t eliminate it from your body in a speady order, you can die from a toxin overload. But I know there are people who have done such cleanses on their own… I would make sure you have things moving in a speady manor.

      A book you might find helpful is -‘Juicing, Fasting and Detoxing for Life’ by Cherie Calbom, MS. I got it at the library and Mom read it. She thought it had a lot of good info and how-to’s in there. I haven’t found time to read it yet. I got a juicer and we love it. The boys are even loving the juices, and they are getting more good stuff then they know!!

      Guess start studying what ya can do on your own… it takes time I know… I have another source, for some cleanses to do on your own at home, but I wanna ask a friend some more questions. Then I’ll let ya know.

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  5. Joyce torchon says:

    Just found your blog… it…….have late stage Lyme…12 years…….very interested WHERE you go in Florida for liver cleanse????? What it consists of??????
    I am going to see Dr. Klinghardt in Seattle, WA. In May…….I live in Pa.

    Please send me place in Florida?????? Thanks so ,uch……to your health..joyce

    • TenderHerb says: There is the link for the place in FL. She actually comes to the place you are staying at, so you don’t need to drive anywhere.:)

      The cleanses consist of drinking solutions (Not best tasting) and using a bathroom!! It is very basic, but it gets the job done!!! The solutions are a herbal/mineral mix. No getting sick!! Although it is hard on your body!! I would still recommend taking a natural antibiotic -grapefruit seed extract, garlic, or ImLife through Bulk Herb Store, to keep killing off the lyme.

      I have heard of Dr. Klinghardt, but not a lot. Elana (FL) would say doing these cleanses will make so your body can get rid of lyme on it’s own. I don’t totally agree. It gets rid of most of the yeast and parasites, so the digestive system is better. But it is not getting the lyme that is in the tissues. I’m sure with time the body would keep getting it out, but if you don’t live in FL and do the cleansing on a regular basis it would not be moved out of your body so easily. And we both know we get sick with the toxins in there.

      Feel free to ask more questions if you wish!!! I’m here to help all I can. Elena will answer any questions you may have too. She is pretty easy to get in with, and very workable!! Her contact info is on her website.

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  17. Christy says:

    Hey, our mutual friend Anna sent me to your blog a little while ago. I spent awhile reading and thought I would love to talk with you! Just now I’m in the middle of a two week cleanse. I did a bowel cleanse last week and am doing a liver cleanse this week. I just started the liver cleanse yesterday and it’s rather brutal. I remembered you had done a cleanse, so I came back here to re-read it and hopefully give myself courage to keep going through with it. That’s just what happened, so~ off to take my formulas. 😦 🙂

    • TenderHerb says:

      Ugh. Those liver cleanses are rough!! But the feeling afterward was worth it. Although it would be hard to get me to do it again. Hang in there, and hopefully you will get the results you are wanting. I love talking with others who have gone/are going through similar things that I have/did do.

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