It Takes Baby-Steps

I keep hearing talk of others as they find out what I am doing, what I have done and plan to do, and then realize the benefits of such a change, they wonder ‘Where on earth does one start??’

I wondered that too… as I studied and learned it all felt very, very overwhelming!!! Just where DOES a person start?? There is so much to learn, so much that is frowned on, so much that one SHOULD change!!! And so many times it is made to sound like one MUST change NOW!! Or else you are going do major damage to your health!! So they try to make you think.

For me, our journey started back before my first baby was born. And that was only because of 2 previous miscarriages. My midwife had no interest in helping me until after 3 losses. So I began studying things on my own, that is where my journey began. And that was 7 yrs ago!! (WOW!!) This is one story I haven’t blogged about yet, and I really want to sometime!! But so much has now changed, I’m not sure where I should even start with it.

It is literally a journey, it is not something you will learn or change overnight!! But neither will they change themselves. And it is something you will need your husbands support on. I do not recommend you making changes without his consent, it will just be cause for major discord in your home. And the changes are something that you will need encouragement in, and support in on the days it all seems to be way too much and over your head. Yes, I have days like that!! Days I feel like I have bitten off more than I can chew!! And my hubby lovingly comes along side of me and helps me focus on the little things, the here and now, not the big, overwhelming picture!! A husbands support is very important.

Your husband is also the one to help your ‘little’s’ with the adjustments. His attitude and remarks about it go along way in how children respond to the changes. He can encourage them to try new things, and be the one to enthusiastically try it too.

I know many, many men do not like changes in their routine’s in the ‘normality’ of home life and the foods they eat and like. They will grump and bulk and drag their feet, if not their whole butt!! Mine did!! And I do NOT recommend you forcing the change on him!! For us, the talk and changes were very gradual. As a wife, I talked to him about the things I was learning. Using him as a sounding board for the ideas that were forming in my mind. It was a very slow change… one small baby step at a time!!!

As he began understanding things and the reasons behind the changes, he began supporting the changes, and actually encouraging some of them. And that made it all so much easier. But what about the things he doesn’t support?? Or doesn’t feel the need for a change?? I keep studying it, talking about it -in a non-threatening way!!, and maybe even trying it a time or two. Depending what it is, trying maybe all it takes for him to support the change. If he doesn’t go for it, drop it. Look to other things, make other changes. God may have His own reasons for not making some of those changes at the time you want to make them.

If your husband is not supporting you, do what you can, knowing you are doing the best you can. And pray about it!! God can change your husbands heart much better and much faster than you ever can!! We are to be submissive, under the authority of our husband. If he isn’t supporting the changes, don’t step out from under that umbrella, causing tension and arguments, etc in your home, making the atmosphere unhealthy and unhappy!! And in the long run, that is much worse for your health then the changes you are making trying to have better health.

Once you have your husbands blessing, begin making baby-steps!! And only baby-steps. If you bite off more than you can chew, you will just get discouraged and give up when you have barely started!! My tip would be changing one thing at a time, depending what it is, maybe one per week. See how it goes, if it’s a struggle for you to do, don’t make any other changes until you have that one down pat.

What DO you change first?? It’s your call really!! What is one thing you know you could do better in?? Or one thing you really know you shouldn’t be eating, but dread making the changes?? And don’t jump in making a major overhaul of a change, such as in bread making. If you are used to store-bought white bread, don’t try to make 100% whole wheat bread and expect your family to accept it whole heartedly!! Use baby-steps!! It’s better to make bread using unbleached white flour then eating the processed store-bought bread, full of preservatives. And then slowly add whole wheat flour. I will add that if you can use fresh ground whole wheat flour, the change to whole wheat is much easier. In fact, using the fresh ground wheat has only a little color difference from white flour. And it tastes much better!!

You can make slow baby-steps weeding out the processed foods that you normally buy. As you see the changes you want to make, plan your menu accordingly. A menu plan makes the changes much easier. And with changes like this, there isn’t a lot of simple, fast suppers. It takes planning ahead, something that took a while for me to learn. Ok, I’m still learning.

We don’t use a lot of pasta, which are your quick meals. And my hubby doesn’t care for soups!! I have learned to have beans cooked ahead and in the freezer, burger fried up ahead, and you can make a meal with potatoes or rice n broth in a pretty fast order. You can even have rice cooked ahead and in the freezer for a quicker meal.

I have a brainstorm for a ‘Freezer-Cooking’ day brewing… I wanna have more stuff on hand for quick meals. Like having the prep work done ahead and ready to be put together. ‘FishMomma‘ does it, and I know I won’t use a lot of the foods she does, I still wanna get my ideas from there. And I really wish I would have that supply right now, as I still have a couple of weeks of recovery ahead of me yet.

So it is all a ‘work in progress’… it’s all Baby-Steps!!! One step at a time!!! Put your heart to it, have a goal and you can do it!!!

I have found Sarah, at the Healthy Home Economist to be a great place for explaining what foods are good to eat, and which are not!! I love her fun upbeat posts.

Edited to add- Here is a post on ‘Switching to Whole Wheat’, by Laura, explaining the difference of whole wheat and why fresh ground is better… She makes almost everything from scratch and has some awesome recipes!!! Go check out her blog.

Have fun learning…

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One Response to It Takes Baby-Steps

  1. Anna says:

    I didn’t want to read and not comment:) I loved your post…SO true about the hubbies;) When I first mentioned some of the things I want to try he was so NOT convinced but now he’s actually asking when I’m doing some things:) I didn’t make my decision overnight so why should he?! Anyways, totally enjoyed & agreed with your post!!

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