How to Make Homemade Yogurt

So I found out that we can eat Yogurt!!!! Excited us!!!! (We can because of it being cultured.) I have so missed it… I just like the flavor better then kefir. But I have been drinking kefir for breakfast the last 2 mornings. I just sweeten with a bit of maple syrup, squirt in some flax seed oil and drink away. This morning I had to share with the boys!! And Collin cleaned it up, chewing the ‘grains’ that were left at the bottom!! (My kefir grows like crazy!!! So I have LOTS of grains…!! They are FULL of probiotics, so they are really good to eat!!)

So yesterday I made my first batch of yogurt, as in 2 1/2 quarts. It won’t last long. The tub of plain stuff I bought on Tues evening as a starter was about gone before I even got some made Wed. morning. (I had to chase off the last ‘big’ eater just to have enough to make more!!)

Yogurt is so simple to make and doesn’t take long at all!!!

I’ll give directions for 1 quart to make it easier. Obviously you can double or triple as you want.

Pour 1 quart of Milk into sauce pan and bring to a boil. Some sources say to let it boil a bit, I don’t. Then let it set until it about 110*. Most time I ‘guesstimate’, it’s a little warmer then a baby bottle. Most times it take over an hour, but depends on how warm your house is. I like to start it when I’m making breakfast. Then by 10 have it ‘brewing’, so it’s done by bedtime.

Then add 2-4 TBS of plain yogurt or yogurt starter-following directions on package. (Most times I get a starter at the local co-op, but they didn’t have any the other night. So I just pickup a container of plain yogurt.) And I never measure… I error on the side of more then 4 TBS. It just makes a much thicker yogurt, more like store bought.

When you want to make another batch, just save what you need to make the next batch. If your yogurt isn’t setting up nice, it’s because you need to to get a new starter.

Stir, until well blended. And pour into quart jars, or whatever you are using. I find jars the easiest, as I can put a sealed ring and lid on it.

Fill one or two other jars with HOT tap water, and put lids on.

In a small ice chest or insulated lunch box put in a towel and wrap around jars.

Let set for 10hrs. to incubate.

Then put in fridge to chill. And enjoy!!!

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