Link-Let Me Live In Peace

Dear Government,
I’m tired of worrying about you stealing my life away. I should not have to feel like you are spying over my shoulder every time I do anything. This is America. Land of the free, remember? At least, it used to be.
Let me tell you something, ’cause you obviously don’t know…
I have the right to run my home and raise my children in a way I feel is honoring to the Lord. I should not have to explain my decisions to you, or ask for your permission to do so.
I have a right to refuse to inject my children with viruses which have been propagated in aborted fetal tissue and animal cells. I should not have to fear retribution for refusing your vaccines.
…To read the rest check out New Life on a Homestead. She writes from her heart, and it’s very good.
My mother-heart trembles with all that may be ahead of us. But then I remember to PRAY!! And to live in Today’s Time!! God controls the future, we need not worry!! God will NOT give us more then we can bear!!
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