Life is Good!!!

… Oh, yes it is!!!!

I was putting off writing an update after I got back from FL, because I wanted to give my body time to recover from all I put it through. Elana had told me it would take up to two weeks for me to feel the results of my cleanses. And yes, the first week I did not feel so great. I won’t go into details… My body didn’t know how to handle all the food I was eating. And so I wasn’t eating much. I didn’t do much that week at all either, mainly feed my boys and keep up with the minimal of house work. And on that first Thurs. I did a lymph cleanse. (I brought 3 home to do for the next 3 wks. So I have only 1 lymph cleanse left to do this week.)

By Sunday I could tell some of my energy was returning. But I was still a bit scared to have hope that I would already be beginning to feel good. But by Monday I knew there was no denying I felt better!! I wanted to just work!! And it felt so good to just work!! And I felt good after I worked!! Tues. I went to my chiro and also had a massage. The chiro right away was like, ‘You must be feeling better, your eyes have a spark again!!’ My massage therapist is working on getting my hip muscles stretched out. Hoping to get things back to normal one of these days. Wed. we went up North 1 1/2 hrs for parts and then to visit some friends. I felt good all day, except for a slight headache. And that was for other reasons I’ll write about later. (It had to do with sweating.)

Fri. night was our monthly Family Night, and guess what!! I played Volley Ball for the first time in months!! I know I wasn’t playing with my ‘old vim and vigor’, but it sure was great to be able to play out there beside my hubby again!!

Sat. I spent the day in my kitchen, and did feel a bit of a burn-out that evening. We had company all day Sun. I was so ready to have the socialization of friends being here. And a reason to make ‘lots’ of food. (Believe me we had so much food, we could have fed LOTS more.) And Sun. evening we had hymn sing. So I had a wonderful week-end!!

Today I decided to try to take it easy and not push myself. I don’t want to over-do it and pay for it later by a major crash. (So I won’t tell you what I have planned for tomorrow.)

Like I mentioned earlier, my hip is still bugging me –a lot. Elana was hoping that by doing the cleanses it would help. My intestines would shrink and take the pressure off, but it obviously isn’t working. My chiro is not sure what is causing it, and my massage therapist just knows it’s really tight!! It doesn’t stretch like it should, so when I sit, pinching it even tighter, that is what causes the pain. I am doing some stretch exercises to try to get it functioning properly. And so that is what I’ll keep doing until we figure out what the problem is or what is causing the problem.

We are planning to go to PA the first of April… so I am really hoping to have made some big progress on it by then.

So over all, life is good!!! And getting better. I will still have some days of set backs I’m sure, but over all, it should just keep getting better. My friend that had done these cleanses for Lyme is doing really good too, having many more good days then bad now. It’s been so exciting watching God work. And feeling Him direct in all of this, I am just amazed. (I know I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it!!!)

Oh, I should mention our diet changes… again…  After doing the cleanses I was told I can eat some of the things I had cut out, namely gluten and fruits. So while we are eating them again, we are still using caution, and proper food combinations. Fruits are mainly eaten on an empty stomach. Reason being-fruit digests fast. So if you eat it with something it slows down the digestion process, causing the fruit to turn to sugar and alcohol, and will then feed the yeast and parasites. And we can eat gluten again because after cleaning out the intestines, it is now able to handle and digest gluten again. (When the intestinal track is full of yeast and parasites, it some how makes it hard for your body to digest. I don’t understand it all…) So I have chosen to use it in limited amounts and still use spelt, which is the lowest gluten containing flour.

We have incorporated lots of veggies into our diet, and have cut back on the meats. We are learning we don’t need to eat so much!! The average American can live on 1/3 of the amount he actually eats!! We have limited the potatoes, as they do feed yeast. I don’t understand all this yet, I am still studying into it. (It’s always a learning process!!) And we eat lots of sweet potatoes. They contain ‘stuff’ that yeast and parasites don’t like. It makes the intestinal track into an ‘Unwelcome’ place. And it tastes sweet, so it cures our sweet tooth cravings!! They are awesome baked just like a baked potato with butter and salt!

We do use honey and maple syrup as our sweeteners. But we are finding out we need less and less, as our taste buds adjusts to the changes and gets used to the natural sweetness in foods.

Oh, and NO YEAST!!! So the would mean cutting out breads and such. So I am trying my hand at making sourdough. And it is great. Collin has been begging and begging for bread again. His wish is coming true… Sat. I made rolls for lunch on Sunday. Jevan and Collin both shoved a roll down before eating anything else!!! And tomorrow I should be getting my grain mill I ordered!!! (Collin doesn’t know that. I can’t wait ’til he sees it.) So I’ll be making bread on Wed. and see if I turn out a loaf or a brick!!

So far crackers, pizza crust, pancakes and those rolls have turned out pretty good. I just have to learn how to keep enough starter around for all my needs. And keep him fed and happy!!

Tonight for supper we are trying spaghetti squash with sauce and a salad, I’m sure. Spaghetti has been a favorite around here and when we had cut out gluten it cut that out, except for the few times I would buy rice noodles as a treat. So I thought I would see what we think of spaghetti squash… Or maybe I’m behind and everyone else already likes it.

Does that ‘catch ya all up’?? Oh, I wanted to mention, if you have questions just ask. I’ve had a couple of you do that now. I don’t mind. I won’t claim to know all the answers or be able to answer all of yours, but I’ll try or help point ya in the right direction. (And I love knowing who’s reading my blog!!)

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10 Responses to Life is Good!!!

  1. Anna says:

    How’d you enjoy the squash?? I L.O.V.E. spaghetti squash:) (its easy to grow…at least in VA. I’d imagine it is out here too… You’ll have to add that to your garden;) )

  2. Liz Esh says:

    I love reading your blogs! I love hearing that you are doing so much better! I love being part of that and “honestly knowing” the feeling of getting better. We are in it together, Lois, and something is actually working!!! Yay!!! Something natural at that! God is sooo good and it makes me so happy that you are getting results.:) Even when we have setbacks at least we know we are doing the right thing.

  3. Janien says:

    count me in on reading your blogs:) I also am so glad to hear how you’re doing and what you’re learning etc! I do know that some of what you have learned is true by the little I know of what is good for diabetics and then researched for that lady I tried to bake for this summer. I hope sourdough works great for you! have a lovely day!

  4. Esther says:

    I love reading your blogs! And love reading on how you are doing, its so amazing and fascinating how it all works. Have a blessed week!

  5. cretora says:

    i’m really interested in hearing why you made all the dietary changes to deal with Lyme. I’ve heard a few others who cut gluten and refined sugars out, but mostly because they felt their bodies didn’t handle it well-not necessarily to deal with Lyme. I wonder if I’d feel better if I’d do the same thing? I suppose if I’d read your entire blog, I’d know. 🙂 Today’s the first I read.

    ps-i was first diagnosed in 2004, got it under control a year later, then had a flare a year ago and now I’m having trouble again.

    • TenderHerb says:

      I’ll try to answer ‘briefly’, but yeah, the best way to find out is to read my posts, and those are all under ‘My Lyme Journey’ so they shouldn’t be too hard to find.:)

      The main reason for diet change is because in order for Lyme to live it needs yeast. So anyone who has Lyme has a body that is over run with yeast.:( (I kinda felt that way because I knew my boys had yeast so bad in there bodies from baby up. SO I knew they were getting it from me. But I never had any real tangible signs of yeast.) If your body has yeast, it is full of parasites. That was my reason for going to FL, to clean out large amounts of yeast and parasites. (Yes, I seen them!!) That jump starts the immune system so it can start fighting the bad bacteria in the body. You can kill parasites with meds, but a persons body most times can’t handle the die-off, causing you to get really sick. So by taking herbs to kill it off, and then cleansing it out right away, you won’t have that reaction.

      And your body won’t kill off yeast, as it doesn’t realize it’s an invader. So yeast is free to live and multipy at free will. As you eat sugars, gluten and yeast you are just helping it to grow even faster. Sugar also jeopardizes the immune system, it is not good for anyone to be consuming it. Especially in the amounts Americans eat it now days. And when the immune system is down, the Lyme has reasons to grow and spread wildly.

      Does that make sense?? A proper Anti-yeast diet has no gluten, no milk, not much fruit, no sugar-not even honey or maple syrup. So that is why I am sticking with mostly spelt flour. We consume little milk, unless it’s in yogurt or kefir form. We are taking LOTS of probiotics to try to get the good guys growing in there where they are to be.:)

      If you want a good person to answer questions concerning Lyme-it’s Brenda Martin. She is the one who has been helping me, and I’m sure she would be able to point you in the right direction as well.

  6. Bev says:

    HI! waves… Bye! 🙂

  7. tracy says:

    Glad to hear you are doing better, Lois! I hope and pray it continues to go well for you.

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