Random Links and Info

This is a random post of random things/links I came across this week and thought I’d share with you… 

A great kids radio you can listen to online-


And they have

Down Gilead Lane

-Karen & Kids

-Kids Corner

-Paws & Tales

-The Pond

-We Kids W/ Mr. Nick

-His Kids Radio


Did you know the salt you maybe eating is actually not so good for you??

Check out this post – Healthy Salt? What are the health benefits of salt?

Be sure to read ‘Why are there different salts?’ to understand the difference of table salt and sea salts.


We all have worms/parasites in some form or another. The majority of Dr. now days are not trained to look for them. And if you are tested for them, they only test for 2 kinds! 2 KINDS!! And there are at least 100!! Crazy, eh?? A lot of health issues stem from worms and poor intestinal health.

If you wanna know more about it, and what you can do for it, read Shoshanna’s article on it-

‘You’ve Got Worm’s’ And see her video on how to make/take the herbs to get rid of them here. It’s some very good info and very simple too. It’s actually the same herbs I was taking while doing the cleanse in FL.


As most of you know, I have Lyme Disease. So I have been studying natural ways to treat it. I did not want to take antibiotics for months/years on end and totally ruin my intestinal health. (Which I am finding out is already a mess and needing more healing. So I am doubly glad I didn’t start taking a bunch of antibiotics as I was encouraged to do at the beginning!!) I have learned there are a number of herbs that are actually a natural antibiotic. And they don’t have the terrible side effects of the pharmaceutical drugs.

Here is a post with some interesting facts and info… not just on the natural but some scary info on the antibiotic drug it’s self.  There is an interesting fact there concerning ear infections and antibiotics… it doesn’t really help!! Most ear infections are viral not bacterial.

Do yourself a favor and learn about the drugs you are taking, their side effects and long-term health problems they can cause. This post is only one of many articles you can find on such info. You just need to learn where to study and it will depend on what you want to believe or not believe.


You like free down-loads like I do?? Check out this free e-book A Thinking Love by Sonya Shafer.   I haven’t read it yet, but it looks like more ‘food for thought’ can be gleaned from there.

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