Physician Gives Up Practice to Be a Wife and Mother of Eight Children

Physician Wholeheartedly Gives Up Medical Practice to Be a Wife and Mother of Eight Children for the Glory of God! from Douglas Phillips on Vimeo.

This is an amazing and rare testimony of someone who answers God’s call, which includes leaving the Medical field to stay at home, to serve her husband and children. Money does not last, fame does not last, but raising children, and loving your husband is eternal. May we be challenged by her testimony…

I have often considered somehow trying to earn some spending cash at here at home, like somehow through my blog, or some small online business. But somehow I don’t feel like it is my place, at least not for right now. I need to raise my boys and love my husband. I need to put them first. I am not saying that earning a living from home, while being a SAHM (stay at home mom) is wrong. But we need to consider our motives, our time and our hearts.

I just had this note emailed to me and I think it fits here in it’s own way:

Decorating is an area where you can be really creative and resourceful or you can break the bank. A woman must begin with the understanding that part of her job is to be as resourceful as possible with the family’s income. (Don’t forget: “A penny saved is MORE than a penny earned.”)
Many women-especially if she works, have rather lost this concept, feeling entitled, instead, to whatever luxury she desires. This is one area where “the heart of her husband should safely trust her”. The better I can manage our spending, the less my husband has to work.
I personally think a house where a woman has spent her creative energies is so welcoming. Stretch yourself! You are building a home AND instilling a sense of frugality in your children.

And then she went on to give examples of ways to be frugal in decorating your home.
Can we be content with what we have and the income our husbands provide?? Can we ‘work’ to be wise and frugal in our spending, making his money work for us? Can we be careful in our spending?? Asking our husbands before making purchases that are more then the food and clothing needed?? (Yes, I have purchased things over the past 8 yrs that didn’t get his full approval. Now I don’t like them, as they are a visual reminder of stepping out from under the umbrella of his authority.) Yes, it does take time, and effort, it may take sacrifice, but we are called. Proverbs 31.

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