‘It’s a Spring Party’

We love a good, fun party… Or should I say Bev and I love a good, fun party!! And most of the fun is spent planning and deciding what to do, what the theme should be, what kind of food to make to go with the theme and what games we should play. Bev and I are always brain-storming a party. We have thoughts and ideas for the next, while setting one up.

*And beware-picture overload!!!*

Last summer the youth girls thought it would be fun to do a ‘Secret Sister’ name exchange. Well, the rest of us ladies jumped on the band wagon. So we had a ‘Name Revealing’ party today, with a Spring Theme, mainly flowers/garden. {We were hoping for a lovely Spring Day, but instead we were blessed with snow the day before. Oh, well, it was sunny and mild!!! Better than when the storm came through. We went to bed in a thunderstorm and woke up to snow on the ground!! That day we had a bit of everything I think. Hail, wind, sleet, rain, wind, freezing rain, wind, rain, snow, did I mention wind??… Crazy!!}

Some of the decorations…

The invite said, ‘Share God’s ‘Sonshine’ By Being a Secret Sister’.

The names for our next Secret Sis was on the big daisy, each petal a name. So before everyone left, each grabbed a petal. {The little daisy was for the 5 younger girls who do it too.}

We had a couple of fun games…

Guessing the names of flowers.

Which turned out to be much harder for some then I planned. And I *thought* I kept them to common flowers.

The other game was ‘Musical Hats’…

It offered much fun and laughter… and a few dizzy spells. {I’m guessing, maybe for ladies, you shouldn’t add the ‘walking in circles’ to the hat grabbing fun.}

And of course the food…

The lovely buffet. There was lots of great stuff. Everyone helped by bringing a dish or two. It was all really good.

Homemade Crackers and yummy Yogurt Dip. {There was also a really good kefir dip as well.}

My ‘Rose Garden’. Cucumber Cups with Radish Roses. {Filling of Chicken Salad.}

Sugar free, dairy free, gluten-free… and ‘junk free’- CANDY!!!! It’s so fun to go to a party that has food I can eat, and in the form of ‘treats’!!! They were soooo good!! Thanks Bev!!

The lovely, dainty cups.

Linda and Ashlyn

Everyone’s ‘Sweet Heart’!! She is the first girl born at Church in 6 yrs!! My boys just adore her and she loves them too.

Friends are just awesome to have!!! I love my church family and the oneness we share… we have LOTS of fun together and make lots of great memories.

‘I found two mice getting ready for our party this morning.’ -??? (Not me, it wasn’t at my house.) Did you know mice do come to house parties, whether their invited or not!!

I should mention this was a very frugal party!! It’s amazing what you can find in your own house to go with a flower/garden theme. (Even left over-wedding flowers!!)

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3 Responses to ‘It’s a Spring Party’

  1. Bev says:

    You will never let me forget that will you??!! It was great for laughs anyway, I guess! And just for the record I spent $1.50 for decorations! 🙂 (the rest was all things I already had)

  2. Bev says:

    Oh, and there needs to be a “like” button” for the pics! 🙂 love some of the expressions in the hat game! lol

  3. Nita says:

    That was awesome! 🙂 thanks for helpin w/ everything:) Cant wait to do it again in September!

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