Little Miracles

The ‘Washmore Mountains’ looms before you… A range of mountains so high you can hardly see the peaks at the very top!! There is the peak of ‘Denim Blue’s’, so rugged and rocky. ‘Mt. Saint Wanna-be-White’s’, is so grungy and dim, and hardly saintly looking, though they are trying their best. ‘Mount Darkies’ looms into view, there it’s just all cloudy with thunderstorms on the horizon. There is also a ‘Mount Mixed-up’, a moutain pass really, of everything that doesn’t belong on ‘Mt. Saint Wanna-be-White’ or ‘Mount Darkies’, here there are lots of valley’s and crevises. And I have a ‘Mount Smelly’ of all manner of clothing worn to the barn. That is one Mountain I really don’t care to climb over, but it must be done!!

Many times the task seems over whelming and long. First you must collect all the dirty wash, sort, wash load after load after load, hang to dry load after load after load, take down every load you just hung up a few hours before. Then the mounds of clean wash are there begging you to fold load after load after load. Each item must be folded, sorted and stacked. Then comes the job of putting each item away in its owners drawers.

All to be worn and made dirty once more, just so you can start the whole process all over again!!! Again, and again and again…

A long, long time ago, I think it was even before I got married, I had read a story…

It was of a husband who thanked his wife for the ‘Miracle Drawers’. At first she didn’t know what he was talking about or referring to. And he told her that he has these ‘Miracle Drawers’. As he wears a pair of socks each day, his drawer gets emptier and emptier. Then one morning, he opens his drawer to find it full of clean socks, all ready for him to wear once more. And he was blessed by it!! It was his own Little Miracle.

So when you feel discouraged when standing at the foot of Mt. Washmore, just think of all the Little Miracles you are creating for your family, whether they realize it or not. It has blessed me, knowing I am blessing my family!!

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  1. Nita says:

    🙂 Luv the post! 🙂

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