Who is My Best Friend??

I was challenged again… seems once God speaks to me He finds all kinds of interesting ways to bring it to my attention.

Last week I heard it twice… Relationships and Prayer!! 

Who do we dump things on when the pressure builds within us so much that we just ‘have to talk to someone?’ Who is our ‘Best Friend’?? If it is not God, we are missing a beautiful opportunity for building a close relationship with Him.

That pressure of something not being right, of being convicted, some juicy gossip you just gotta tell someone, a struggle/argument/’fight’ with your husband, or whatever is it. (You know what I am talking about…) When it builds up inside you so much you feel like you will burst if you don’t tell someone and soon. Often times you want to tell a friend. You want their ‘sympathy’, their support. You want them to tell you it’s ok, you are doing the right thing. You don’t want to have to change whatever it is God is telling you to (by the pressure you feel from Him). You want to know you are ‘ok’ right where you are at, you don’t have to change.

Do you have to tell someone else?? Does anyone else have to know about it?? Why not dump it to God?? And wrestle through with it, until you have complete peace. Letting go of it completely and totally.

It will build a beautiful step in the close relationship we need to have with our Heavenly Father. And as we cultivate that close relationship, it will just keep getting closer. He is to be our best friend, the one we want to tell all our troubles and problems to. Not our friend up the road or a phone call away.

God has us at different places in life. Where He has you and where your friend is at may be two totally different places. He wants to build a close relationship with you. He is not encouraging you to get closer to your friend, replacing Him with her.

Is God the first person I dump my problems and trouble to?? Is He the one who hears the things I would love to pass onto others?? Can I just pray my troubles away? Or must I share them with a ‘physical being’ before I feel a release??

*There are times and things we need to share with a friend. But let’s think twice before speaking.*

I want God to be my Best Friend!!! And prayer is the way to that relationship. So many times I feel like prayer is the last resort. It should not be!! I want that close relationship with my Heavenly Father!!!

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One Response to Who is My Best Friend??

  1. Brenda says:

    Good thoughts. Its something that I’ve been thinking about too..do I run to God for my refuge? Or do I run to all my other friends and hope they can ‘fix’ it all for me? Thanks for the challenge..

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