Lyme Notes

Just some random info on Lyme…

New stuff I’m learning and things I am piecing together. When it comes to Lyme, there is not a cut and dried formula.

Each person and case is different. Each person will tackle their Lyme differently. I think it is VERY important that each person does his/her own research and study on it. Each person knows his/her own body better than any one else. You know how you feel after eating certain foods. You know how your body responds to different settings, supplements… and the list goes on.

I had great visit with my ‘Lyme Mentor’. She has helped me in more ways than I would ever know. And more than I could ever thank her for!! I think we could talk over this stuff for hours, and still not be done. There are so many things, that as I learn and study, new info is squashed into the brain and the older info is shoved into a corner. Then later when I want it, it is so hard to find and fish out. And it gets frustrating.

And that’s partly why I have been blogging about this journey of mine, so I have a place I can come back and reread and relearn what I know.:)

I have been really digging into why my hip/muscle is giving me such pain. I am working with a really great massage therapist, and she has never had a case like mine. But she is going above and beyond to help me figure out what to do and ways to help me. She noticed last week that my left leg is a whole lot stronger and toned-up then my right.

And that reminded me of what my chiro has said. (Actually more than one chiro that I have been to.) My whole right side has problems, brain to foot. So I started observing the way I walk, the way I use my right side, and yes, I can tell it is all weaker. And I think it has gotten worse in the last couple months.

So now, I know LOTS of people are watching me and the way I respond to the treatments I did in FL. So I will try to explain what I am thinking… and even that may change in the next months. Nothing is concrete on this blog, especially when it comes to Lyme and my treatments.

I do feel that the treatments/cleansing I did in FL have been a huge stepping stone in my health. My body has been able to handle the die-off of lyme. I am not near so sick. I don’t feel so overwhelmed as easily. I feel like socializing again, (for the most part.) I don’t feel so brain-fog-ish!! I have been able to keep up with my house work in ways I haven’t in a long, long while.

But I still have that hip pain… In some ways I am glad I do. Otherwise I think I would be just letting everything alone. I feel good, so why stir stuff up?? But knowing it hurts, I know there is still some reason for it. My friend thinks it is the Lyme in the muscle. So I need to be getting it out!!! I notice that after a massage and chiro treatment, I will get a bad headache, and not feel good for the next day or two. So it’s probably because I have stirred up the Lyme and my body is trying to get rid of it.

That is a good sign!! In a round about way. When I am sick, it means my body is fighting Lyme, my body is working to get rid of it. And best of all, my immune system is working for a bit.

I learned something else that was new to me… Lyme people generally are cold. I am cold all the time. We keep our house toasty warm, as in most of the winter the thermostat was set at 76* or higher. (‘Til it came to bed time, my hubby would turn it down to 73* so he could sleep and I could freeze. And we heat with an outdoor wood boiler, so before you think we are foolish for wasting money on heat, it was all free wood!!!) Anyway, back to ‘Lymies’ being cold… it’s because we run a low-grade fever all the time.

I can’t remember the last time I ran a fever. Or the last time I got sick, besides this past Wed. (in March) so obviously my immune system is working a bit. Though I didn’t get it like everyone else did/is. I get very mild colds, which can then last a long while. I just don’t get every little bug that goes around.

You would think the opposite would be true. A person without much of a working immune system should get every bug that comes by. But it’s probably because the bit of immune system we do have, is working and distracted by the Lyme it is trying to get rid of!!

Makes sense to me. But may not be exactly that way for every one either.


So the above was written the end of March. And here it is the middle of April and I still haven’t finished up this post… So I am going to try now.

My hip has pretty much quit bugging me for the last 2 wks. And I am praising God for it. Although I am really rather puzzled as to why it quit. The only thing I know is that I backed off taking my lyme killer for a couple of wks while we went on our trip. So I am not stirring it up. And that makes me really feel like not attacking it, this pain-free living is rather nice!!!

But after this week-end I really plan to up the ImLife again. I really feel that is what is working best in killing off the lyme and yeast right now.

My chiro is impressed with how my adjustments are going. My ligaments seem to be stronger and better able to hold the adjustments than before. And she is impressed with how my adrenal glands feel and how my liver feels, well, my stomach area as a whole!

So things do keep improving. And she is still just so amazed at the difference in my health since coming back from Florida. It’s so encouraging!! God is so good!!!

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3 Responses to Lyme Notes


    I have Lyme disease with many neurological sysptoms and would most benefit from a Lyme mentor especially for when I go to my lyme doctor. How did you go about finding a lyme mentor? Did you pay this person?

    • TenderHerb says:

      Hi, So sorry you have lyme. My lyme mentor is a friend of mine that has a lot of family dealing with lyme, so she has researched it all very thoroughly!! And I am blessed that she shares with me. When I first contacted her about my health, I had no clue I was dealing with lyme or that she knew so much about it. So I don’t really know where to point you. I can ask her and see if she would know of anyone that does such mentoring. She is a very busy Mom of 10 and is due soon with #11. So it may take a bit for an answer to come. Hope you can find answers soon.

    • TenderHerb says:

      Hi again, Brook, I messaged my friend and she said she might have someone to point you to, depending where you live. She also suggested joining a lyme support group. You can email me at martinacres 08 @ (remove spaces)

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