I *think* it’s still April!!!

Or at least it was this morning!!

Collin asked me this afternoon if it’s Christmas tomorrow!! It sure looks like it could be. But I’m glad it’s not going to be!! I still am looking forward to Spring -whenever/whatever that is!!!

This is what it looks like out there right now… and while it’s pretty, I would have loved to have enjoyed my daffodil’s a bit longer!!!

And our barn…

I love how this picture turned out… it was a random shot, then I realized my husband’s parent’s farm was in the background.

But my boys had fun…

Rylen shoveling snow. I think he forgot how much work it takes to walk in the stuff. He wasn’t as impressed as the other two. He was funny when I put his gloves on. I pinned them on, as the last time he lost them. As soon as I had the safety pin closed he would look down at the pin and start saying, ‘Owwww!!!’

He wasn’t feeling very photogenic!! So this is the best I got. That would be a milking glove on one hand and the other was bare.

 Collin loved having a still target – Mom shooting him with the camera while he shot me with snowballs!!! He did get me a few times and close to the camera once.

So while we may not be impressed with April snow instead of April Showers. We still have the promise of Spring coming!! Hey, the daffodil’s are blooming, so that means ‘ol Man Winter is slowly giving up, but he sure has a strong, hard grip this spring. A year ago the guys were in the fields…

And if life were totally predictable, it wouldn’t be any fun!!! So we’ll look for the fun and blessings in the unexpected and enjoy it to the best we can. (They even wanted to go tubing, and I would have too, just to say we went in the end of April. But for the fact it was too slushy and sloppy to even get a tube to slide down a bank!!)

Oh, and next week it is to be in the 60’s*…

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4 Responses to I *think* it’s still April!!!

  1. Linda says:

    Aww! I love that first on of Collin! Good pictures. Glad you’re enjoying it like I am. I’m thinking I should try and go skiing at lest ONCE this year! I was lamenting that I hadn’t and the next day? WALA! Here’s all this snow! lol. You should have seen the look on dad’s face when I told him my plan. lol.

  2. Brenda Orendorf says:

    Love the pics,Lois!:) Your boys just make me smile..Collin asking if its Christmas tomorrow..that made me laugh:) With all that snow I guess it seems like its Christmas! We’re enjoying the 60* weather right now..’tis nice!:)

  3. Brenda Orendorf says:

    A kid after my own heart..birthdays and Christmas-love ’em both!:) Only 2 more weeks till your birthday,Collin! Don’t give up on it coming :)lol

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