Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

…BEFORE I had children…

-That 5 year olds are exasperating!

-How affectionate a 2-3 yr old can be.

-How a child will repeat something ‘word for word’ just what you don’t want them to, or to someone you most would not want to hear it.

-How much food 3 ‘little’ boys can and do eat!!

-That there will be days you don’t get dressed or get your hair combed until noon or even not at all.

-How a child can repeat something in the same tone of voice and it sounds so much worse coming out of his mouth then how you thought it sounded coming out of your own.

-That the kitchen floor should get mopped every day, but in all reality it’s doing good to get it done every other week.

-That a clean, freshly mopped floor last 1 hr -tops, before something get spilled or dumped on it or tracked up from barn boots.

-That life on a farm is very educational. 3 and 5 yr olds know a lot about reproduction, even talking about breeding, bulls, AI… And there’s the other thing, politely known as ‘manure’, but not to my boys. Some people cringe at their our talk, but that’s our life. They don’t know it as being abnormal.

-That having a farmer husband means being a wife who should be careful when sweetly sleeping by her man. He may dream of an errant cow who needs to be hit… and she may be closer than the cow at the moment.

-That after every meal and snack the chairs and table would need a thorough scrubbing. But that there is only enough time for a quick swipe.

-That with your first child you keep his runny nose spotlessly clean. With #2 you catch the worst of the drips and with #3 he uses his own shirt to wipe his own nose and you just change the shirt now and then.

-Kids (or is it just boys?) are ALWAYS hungry. No matter that they just ate 1/2 hr or so before.

-That as soon as you wash the last dish and let the water in the sink down, someone, be it child or husband, comes in wanting a drink or snack.

-That your child will ask the same questions over and over and over and over and… you get the idea.

-That even after middle-of-the-night feedings end and the little ones are all old enough to sleep through the night, they will still wake you up for various other reasons, or just cry out.

-That your children who can sleep through the night, do. Now and then. But that they never ALL do on the same night. Nope, they take turns waking up Mom and Dad. (I think they draw straws and decide after Mom and Dad leave the room.)

-That dusting happens every other week after child #1 comes, once a month after child #2, and only after you can’t move things for fear of creating a dust cloud after #3. (Or company is coming! And even that is to be debated around here.)

-That with boys, toilet bowls are only the general target at which to aim.

-And that the bath room needs cleaned every day with boys!!! But that-that doesn’t happen either.

-That boys will announce they are ‘going outside to pee’.

-That having 3 boys, there will be very little passing pants down to the next one. At least not pass the age of 3!!

-That an almost 2 yr old has the capabilities of walking to Grandma’s house {1/4 mile away}. (He followed his Dad btw, and was spied when half way there. But his Mom didn’t know it for a few hours!!)

-That child training is different with Every.Single.Child. They may come from the same mold, but there is not cookie-cutter method for training them!! What works for one will for sure NOT work for any other.

-That by the time you realize your house is too quiet, it’s already too late!! They are into something!!

-That herbal salve is impossible to wash off in when lathered liberally on a body!! It’s best to just rub it in and put on clothes!!

-That you can’t hide anything from anyone. They will find it!! No matter where you put it!!

-That they will use anything from full (emptied on the floor) trash can’s to stools stacked on stools stacked on stools to get what they want!!

-That when a child offers you a hug, you better take it!! You never know when you might get another one.

-That raising children is really rewarding!!! Even on the worse days!!!

*A few things may be a bit exaggerated, but there is a grain of truth to every thing. At least in my home!!*

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3 Responses to Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

  1. cretora kline says:

    Here’s some hope for the bathroom situation-all 3 of ours get cleaned every day, BUT I don’t clean them! The children are finally old enough to handle that task on their own-it won’t be long until those little boys can clean up their own drips. (yeah!) 🙂

  2. Louise says:

    Absolutely spot-on!! I was walking across my *sticky* kitchen floor today wishing it were mopped, but as soon as I do, someone WILL spill the jam jar or dump the cup of apple juice. And my bathroom … oh! Lets just say Mom has learned to ALWAYS look before she sits! =) Enjoyed your list!!

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