Ginger and a {Sweaty} Detox

Ginger is a circulatory herb, increasing the circulation in one’s body. It is also a carrier herb. So if it is taken with other herbs it will increase their effectiveness.

Uses for Ginger

-Cold Feet




-Aches and Pains


-Morning Sickness

-Migraine Headaches

-Intestinal Gas

-And I’m sure there are more…

It has been shown to improve the swelling and pain of arthritis in 75% of patients.

One side effect of ginger is blood thinning. So use caution when taking a blood thinner.

Ginger Bath/Detox

A hot ginger bath really speeds up circulation. This causes sweating, moving toxins out of the body. It actually produces a bit of a fever. Fever is good for you, it increases the action of macrophages (the critters that eat up the bacteria and virus in your blood).

To take a ginger bath- Fill the tub with very warm water. I like the temp to be just about too hot to sit in it. And as full as you can make it, before overflow safety outlet thing in the tub.

-Add 2-4 TBS Ginger Powder to tub.

-Right before getting into the tub drink 2 cups of hot peppermint or ginger tea. Have a cup of cold water close by in case you get too hot and begin to feel faint. Sip water and dip wash cloth in cool water to put on back of neck or your head for a bit if you do. Soak for 10-20 minutes.

When you begin to feel your heart race and you get flushed, get out, dry quickly and get into a really warm bed. I put an electric heat pad in my bed while I’m in the tub. Drink another cup of hot tea, curl up, sweat it out and go to sleep. When you wake up you should feel much better. (I wrapped in a blanket and then went to bed. That way I didn’t get all my sheets sweated up, wet and smelly.)

I like using this as a Lyme Detox. I use the full 4 TBS of ginger, drink ginger tea and sweat hard!!! I often do this after a massage treatment (she has stirred the lyme up) and/or chiro treatment.

Yes, your head will pound, I would not recommend it if you already have a headache. It is hard to go to sleep. You will have sweat running in places you have never sweated before. And your heart will race wildly and did I mention it’s not easy going to sleep that way?!?!? You wake up soaked, and feel like throwing all covers off, but then get so chilled from being wet in the cool night air. But when you wake up and then shower, you feel great!!! It is so worth it… and for more than just if you have lyme. It is a good sweat detox, kinda like a sauna.

You can just use 2TBS of ginger for aches and pains from sore muscles. It increases the circulation and relaxes the body all over. It helps a head ache too. And you will sleep very well, even with out the sweat detox part.

Caution– if you have heart disease or high blood pressure, it’s not wise to do this. And be careful with children. Use half the ginger, keep them hydrated, and shorten the bath time.

Ginger is also good for nausea, morning sickness and indigestion.

Make a cup of boiling water, stir in 1/2 tsp ginger powder, and sweeten with honey. You may add milk if you desire. Sip first thing in the morning, or whenever you need it. And repeat as often as needed.

Ginger tea maybe very helpful for morning sickness. It sure is worth a try!!

To help a migraine headache try a ginger foot bath. Make a very hot foot bath and add 2 TBS ginger to the water. Soak your feet while sipping a cup of hot ginger tea. This increases the circulation in the brain so hopefully the head ache will soon be gone.

-Ginger may help with constipation. Drinking a cup may be all you need to get moving again.

-You might be able to bring on a late period as well, by drinking a cup of hot ginger tea.

-Ginger helps to clean out the toxins in the liver and aids in flushing them out of the body.

A hot cup of tea is very relaxing, drinking a cup before you go to bed may help you rest and sleep more soundly.

I know there are some who do not care for the taste of ginger alone. You may add mint to it to help the flavor, and still get the benefits of ginger.

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