Food Matters

So I watched another video… and even my boys took interest (for a little bit!!!) Enough it scared Collin about eating sugar now… we’ll see how long it lasts.

Seems we have to go through the thing of why we don’t eat sugar and junk foods every other day or so. And it gets rather old… but I don’t want to just give them a ‘just because we do’ answer. I like to explain the reasons behind it. It helps refresh my memory and the reasons why even if they don’t understand all the whys.

And watching the video ‘Food Matter’s’ was a very good reminder for me. I will say I didn’t 100% agree with all the vegetarian encouragement. I believe meat was given to us for a purpose and we may eat it!! I was reminded I have been slack in eating vegetables and raw foods. Cooking is not all wrong!! But there are a lot of enzyms and stuff that get cooked out.

If you have heard of/read the book Cancer Step Outside the Box, it says a lot of the same things. It tells a lot of the mess behind the pharmaceutical business, and how it’s all a tangled mess. But it’s main thrust is the food we eat!! But it also states that ‘We are what we eat!!!’ There is no going around that, if we eat dead non nutritious foods our bodies will let us know!! By getting sick, not fighting off the illnesses that spread around… etc.

Big Pharm/drug companies pays for making of drugs, pays for study of drugs and pays medical schools to teach drugs. So of course they will sway the studies and the teaching!!! They can and do hide studies and findings that don’t have results in their favor.

Some things that stood out to me were…

 -The body heals itself. If we provide the proper nutrition and care it can and will heal.

It may take some time, especially of you have a disease of some sort.

-You can’t heal one disease and keep the other things that are wrong in your body. You give you body the proper nutrition to heal and it will heal everything that’s wrong.

-Vitamins heal so many things. When the body is deficient in a vitamin it responds/reacts in many different ways. So when you begin replenishing the missing vitamins it will begin healing all the different things that are wrong.

-The medical field just treats the symptoms/disease, not the under lying problems of why they got it (disease/sick) in the first place.

-Good health makes a lot of sense but not a lot of dollars. And that’s why you won’t see drug companies encouraging better eating habits, taking vitamins, etc. They want the money from the they sell.

-Most people want a quick fix. ‘Take a pill to fix an ill!!’

-People need education, not medication!!

What will you do?? Will you continue to educate yourself?? Or just go in a box and say it’s not so??

(You can watch it on Netflix. If you want you can get the free trial for a month and just watch it in that time!! That’s what I did. Just remember to cancel or you will get charged.)

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