6 Yrs Ago… Where is time going??

3 Days Old

6 yrs ago I was in the hospital, in more pain then I had ever imagined!! More pain then I care to remember… so much pain I actually blocked it out and don’t have a clear memory of that pain!!

But it was worth every minute!! And I would do it all over again… It was a LONG day… the longest of my life. I kept asking ‘Isn’t he about here yet??’ But no, he was not in any big hurry!! He had all of 8 lbs 12 oz to wiggle out and it took time. Lots of time!!!

I had waited so long for that day!! My prayer was finally being answered. After God took 2 of my babies home with Him, he was giving me one to hold!! He was giving me a live wiggling bundle of pure joy!! And I couldn’t wait… those 5 days going past my due date seemed an eternity, at the time. But it was worth every moment of waiting.

7:09 pm Collin Wade entered the world… and was soon screaming about it for all to know, ‘He was HERE!!!’ And his Mom forgot all weariness, and was full of energy. My own little boy. My own baby to love and hold. My dream come true!!

The proud, proud look on his Daddy’s face… the looks of tenderness, of pure joy… It is so hard to describe that moment!! We couldn’t go to sleep that night ’til late… we were just to excited and had too much to talk about. God was so good to us!!

Our lives have never been the same since… He was the perfect baby!! (In my mind.) Now and I know things could have been different and I’d probably do thing differently. But we were living the life as first time parents!!

1st Birthday

Age 2

Age 3

Age 3 1/2

Age 5

This Boy’s birthday was a perfect as he wanted!!! From gifts to swimming to a big digger to watch tear down an old silo base all morning!! He was one happy boy!!

He is all into taking pictures ‘Nicely’. And he wants them with everything and anything!! But now we have the problem of him smiling in a very unnatural way… so I’m constantly telling him to smile normally! But hey, I won’t complain.

A set of corral fencing!!! Made of die-cast metal, it should last a long, long time!!

One happy farmer… He also got 2 Dvd’s of Animated Lego’s – In Bible Stories. They love them!! And watched them 4-6 times yesterday. I picked them up at the Homeschool Convention. They were made by a homeschool family. The Jericho movie is the best. The first 2 they made, are just that, the first 2. But I would highly recommend them.

He had been begging to go swimming at the motel pool for months… but I just didn’t feel up to taking him. It was his biggest wish for his birthday, and when there were snow flurries that morning, yes, May 3rd!!!, I decided we should just go. At this rate we’ll still be wearing coats in the middle of the day in Aug!!!

We went as a family after supper… and the boys had a BLAST!!!! It took a bit to get Rylen to go down the slide. But after the first trip down, face first no less, he was hooked!!

‘This is my Happy Face, Mom!!’ Jevan is not so much of a fish… he doesn’t like water in his ears or eyes. But he had fun!!!

Getting ready to head down…

I love this picture… their expressions are ‘so them’!! And they are still wet, from an evening of fun, laughter and memories!! Since Collin will say, ‘Let’s let Mom take a picture of us.’ I have gotten some nice brother pictures. I just love the stage of life they are at. All the fun they have together… the fights, the learning from each other, the growing up together, the memories they are making… It makes me smile!!!

He loved his cake… the order was a castle. But I don’t make the decorating icing any more. So we came up with this form. A paper farm, which was his second pick.

I am so proud of the young boy/man that I am watching grow up!! He takes responsibility very seriously (most times). He is an awesome older brother. And he has a tender heart to those under him.

I’m so grateful for my boys!!!

Happy Birthday Collin!!! Have a great year being the big 6!!!

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4 Responses to 6 Yrs Ago… Where is time going??

  1. Brenda says:

    Love the pictures! Especially the one of the 3 boys…you’ve got yourself some pretty cute boys there,Lois!:) Glad his day was perfect:)

  2. Nita says:

    Happy Birthday Collin!!! 🙂 Looks like you all had lots of fun!

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