A Chipped Elbow & An Unplanned Day

So not every day goes as planned…

Mine certainly didn’t yesterday!! Or today for that matter… But God got me through it. Or I should say ‘Us through it’.

The day started normal enough… Even a bit later than normal, as Delvyn had put a heave blanket over the boy’s bedroom window so they would sleep in so Mom could sleep in. It sorta worked, we got 1/2 hr more sleep. Little did I know how much we would all need that extra half hr that day!!

As I was changing a load of wash, I heard the boys having a bit of an argument over ‘fields, lands and tractors’. But I didn’t pay much mind, as they often have those bits of scuffles at the beginning of ‘a days work’. But soon Rylen was crying and Collin was helping him come to Mom. He was crying a bit harder than normal, and more of a ‘I hurt cry’. So I set him on the washer to check him over.

By then he was really acting hurt. So I was really checking out his hand… as he was holding his right hand with his left hand. I figured he must have sprained it or something. So I was holding him and trying to comfort him, but he wouldn’t stop.

I put his hand on ice… (Little good that did!!) And my wonderful Mother-in-Law came over to help access what was going on. Something was definitely hurting, but what?? His hand was not swelling at all. We wondered if it was his shoulder, and yes, he really cried about lifting his arm.

Collin was acting all stressed out and a mess. I finally asked him what was going on!! ‘I don’t want Rylen to die,’ was the wailed reply. I think he was feeling a bit respondsible for it all. ‘Though  from my understanding, it wasn’t him. Jevan is the one who gave him a shove making Rylen fall over. He obviously landed on something… just right to make it wrong!!

I made some phone calls, trying to ask a chiro what they thought… none of them would look at him. Once I knew that, I decided maybe I should take him in. And after his nap, he didn’t act any better. I wrapped his whole arm, with an ace bandage, against his body to hold it still. And that really helped, he pretty much stopped crying!!

My Mom went with me to a clinic 20 minutes away, to Urgent Care. A place where you ‘Hurry up and wait!!!’ There we took his shirt off and he promptly lifted his arm, and I thought, ‘Bother, we do all this and now he acts like it is just fine!!’ But soon he moved wrong and was fussing again.

They took x-rays, which was pure torture on the poor guy. Laying an arm/elbow on that mat… and twisting it. It was pretty heart wrenching for this Mom. After that someone gave him Tylenol. (Which was his first and last!! And he’s still happy!!)

He was so tired of people coming in & out of the little room, and messing with him, that after each one left he would go over and shut the door with a resounding ‘click‘!!!

A long while later the Dr. came back in and said, ‘Well, I know why it hurts him!! He chipped his elbow!!’ But with the swelling they are not 100% sure if it is a chip or a fracture. But something is definitely wrong!! And a temp. cast will be put on his arm! (An adult elbow has 3 bones, and little child still has lots of little bones… making it even hard to tell for sure.)

So he is now sporting a big, er, BIG arm!!! And a pretty sling. And he has been a great trooper about it all!! He had to come home without his shirt on, so they gave a blanket to wrap around him. Here he is collapsed after a long, stressful afternoon.

And he will ‘feed myself, thank-you very much!!!’ He is very independent about it all. And this was done to his right elbow, so he is eating with his left hand. But then when he falls over, he waits for someone to come pick him up. Crazy kid!! He will figure that out too, I’m sure!!

And see, I can still farm!!! Although he had a struggle getting it all up to the table, so Mom helped him.

But then come the tears of frustration when he can’t defend his farm from invading big brothers…

^^^Don’t we all have days when we feel like that??^^^

Or make things move and operate the way they should. Then it is so hard. But otherwise, it has NOT slowed him down!!! He even fell right on his arm last evening, and never gave a wimper. That’s why I haven’t bothered to give him any pain killer.

We go in again on Wed to get it checked over again. Probably more x-rays and a permament cast. I am hoping it will turn up to be nothing, but really doubt that. He just doesn’t act like he’s in much pain for it to be chipped/fractured or whatever.

So that was my day… How was yours??

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7 Responses to A Chipped Elbow & An Unplanned Day

  1. Brenda says:

    Poor guy! I feel really bad for him! Hope its feeling back to normal soon. I had to laugh at Collin being scared he was gonna die:)

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