Freezer Cooking Day #1

If you haven’t figured out by now that I like Heavenly Homemakers… You should get it already!!

She did a freezer cooking day this week and challenged everyone else to join in. I have read a lot about such days but never really did it. So I decided today was the day, it is time to start doing more of this type of thing. Well, I really decided it last night, as most of my foods needed to be soaked overnight.

I didn’t make a lot of meals -per se. I made a bunch of things for meals… But my day didn’t all go as planned. (As in my foods didn’t turn out as they were suppose to!! Still trying to decide who to blame it on…haha)

My plan for last night was this-

Pull out Sloppy Joe, burger and sausage to thaw.

Get the following started to soak overnight-

Feed sourdough Starter – Heavy!! I needed lots!

Whole Wheat Tortillas –From ‘Is your Flour Wet?’

Sourdough ‘Thin Wheat Crackers’ –From ‘Is your Flour Wet?’

Soaked ‘Homemade Wheat-Thin Crackers’ –From ‘Is your Flour Wet?’

Soak Cornbread


This morning my list looked like this…

Start Sourdough Hamburger Buns- they needed to sit for 2hrs.

Make Whole Wheat Tortillas – No picture… they were too bashful and shy!!

Roll out and bake both crackers -These are both very good!!! I wish I could share the recipes, but they are not mine to share… Check out the link to get your own copy free!! Plus a bunch more recipes too.

And here’s a picture to show that not everything goes as planned. I could give you the whole sob story, about how the first kind took extra long to bake, so then I was thinking along that line for the second kind. But I’m sure you would not believe me anyway. One batch is gone already, by the way!!

Make Burritos with tortillas – for freezer

So I would need to fry burger and prep foods to go in there… Let’s just say, this didn’t get done!! This is where ‘I’m not sure who to blame’ comes in. My tortillas need to have some help!! By the last 5, I was getting them to turn out really good. But that is not enough to make burritos’. So this ‘to-do’ was left go.

I was also going to make these Mini Breakfast Quiche, but, yeah, I ran out of time!!

Sloppy Cornbread Muffins was next on the list. They turned out really good!! My hubby was impressed. I only made 1 batch of cornbread to soak last night… and this morning added 2 more. I knew I had a lot of sloppy joe to use up. (And, nope, I still didn’t use it all. I could have made another whole batch or 2.) Go here for my cornbread recipe, and soaked version.

I baked some awesome Sourdough Burger Buns. They take a while to rise, as in 2hrs+. But it is worth the time. I did not follow that recipe totally!! I used Spelt Flour for starters… I’ll post the recipe as I did it later.

And I just fried up the sausage and burger to freeze for quick meats to grab when the need rises.

I was hoping to include pictures of a little one armed boy helping me… but well… he was having too much fun outside. I finally turned him loose to play after keeping him inside for the past week. He now has a full HARD cast on, so he is a bit safer out there, then when he had just a splint on. And he will have to wear it for 4wks. Sad me. But he is doing really really good with it. (And it was not a chipped elbow, but a fracture!!)

Linked to Heavenly Homemakers Freezer Cooking

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4 Responses to Freezer Cooking Day #1

  1. It is good to see that I am not alone in my “failures”. So glad you participated in this freezer challenge.

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