Flu & Cold Helps

We were hit with a flu bug this week. Not a fun thing at all!! But I actually look at it as encouraging, our bodies are recognizing foreign bacteria and deem it worthy to fight it. I have not had a flu big in yrs!! All because my body has been fighting Lyme, it doesn’t think it necessary to fight other bugs. And what’s crazy is how one child can barely have a touch of it and the next have it for days. Jevan threw up once, and Rylen couldn’t keep anything down for 2 days.

By the end of the first day I looked in my Be Your Own Dr. Book, and made him ‘Flu Tea’. He sipped on it ’til he went to bed, keeping it all down. So the next morning I thought he was fine. He wanted food and in a bad way. So I let him eat. It promptly left his body. So I knew I had to do something.

I made another batch of flu tea, keeping it to mostly red raspberry and had him sip on it the rest of the morning. He was acting fine, just not keeping food/liquid down.

The night before I had, on a whim made jello. Using Juicy Juice, gelatin and I added a couple of envelopes of EmergenC. So I fed Rylen one tiny bite at a time for a while, knowing he was getting some good nutrients into his system, even though he thought he was getting ‘good food’.

And by lunch time I could tell his stomach was acting much better. I let him eat about a half cup of jello for lunch and put him down for a nap. He ate supper that evening and was feeling perfectly fine.

Flu Tea

3 Parts Red Raspberry Leaf – Anti-flu

1 Part Alfalfa Leaf – Blood Purifier and helps with nausea

1 Part Nettle – Strengthens the immune system

1 Part Peppermint – Circulatory enhancer & flavor aid

1/4 Elderflower – Immune system

1/4 Part Yarrow – Fever breaker

It tastes really good too.

This is also a great tea to make and drink when you know a flu bug is going around. It does a wonderful job of cleansing the body and fighting the flu. You can fight the cold, flu and headache symptoms of flu with a red raspberry tea fast. Just drink lots of this tea for two days. Drink the tea as hot as you can.

Here are a few more herbal remedies for you to try if you wish… I haven’t tried them – yet. I haven’t had the need, one day I might. And don’t do all of them when you do get sick, just pick one or more and be diligent about taking them.

Elderberry Extract- Or Elderberry Syrup In a 1995 Israeli study, elderberry extract/syrup was found to reduce both the severity of symptoms and the duration of the flu) 2-3 days in treated group versus 6 days in placebo group.) This herb contains 2 compounds that are active against the flu virus. It also prevents the virus from invading respiratory tract cells. – Take one spoonful every 2-4 hrs. – Adult dose

Vitamin C take 1000 milligrams an hr for a day or so

Echinacea– Especially tincture from the fresh root. Echinacea appears to work by stimulating the immune system. Take 2 droppers every hr for a few hours. Then 4 times daily till better.

GarlicAnd nothing is better than eating a raw, minced clove. (Mincing releases the activates the allicin in garlic that is effective for fighting cold and flu viruses. -Source)
 The pill form is just not as strong or potent. Garlic is its most potent when it is eaten raw.  I took a large good-looking bulb and peeled it then minced it. There was no way I could eat it like that so I mixed it in yogurt and with the help of a glass of orange juice swallowed it easily. -Source 

Another way to take garlic is Garlic Tea.

How to Prepare Garlic Tea:1.Chop one clove of garlic finely. Fine chopping activates the allicin in garlic that is effective for fighting cold and flu viruses.2.Add the chopped garlic to boiling water and allow to steep for several minutes.3.Cool the tea before drinking. For best taste allow the tea to cool somewhat but don’t drink it cold. The taste is best when slightly warm.4.Drink one cup each day during the winter months or when cold and flu symptoms beginLearn more.

The herbs aromatic compounds are readily released from the lungs and respiratory tract, putting the active allicin right where it can be most useful in fighting against cold viruses.

Ya think I should just do a post about garlic??? It really is a great herb!!

And remember, you must keep hydrated. Push fluids even in a child who doesn’t want any. Even just a tiny sip is better than nothing!! Use electrolytes type fluids to help balance the lost minerals and potassium that a child needs. Red raspberry Tea, Flu Tea or Emergen-C are good fluids to use. The electrolytes in the Emergen-C, are why I put it in my Jello. And my boys are still eating the jello. Collin loves to drink the mix. So it is something children like. And they have many, many flavors. Just remember to sip it slowly and only a bit at a time.

Here is one more tea recipe –

Herbal Fever Remedy

1 oz dried Elder flowers

1 oz dried peppermint leaves

1/2 pint distilled water

Mix herbs and put in a quart pan, pour 1/2 pint of boiling water over it. Cover and let steep in a hot place for 10-15 min. But do not boil!! Strain, sweeten and drink.

This tea will drop a fever associated with a flu quite effectively.

I got to use my freezer cooking stash for the first time, 2 days after I made it. But it sure is nice that I didn’t have to make supper this evening. Just pull out the Sloppy Cornbread Muffins, heat them up and I know the ‘men’ in this house will love them.

What is your favorite remedy for fighting a flu or cold?? Please do share… we can all learn together!!

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5 Responses to Flu & Cold Helps

  1. Nita says:

    Garlic all the way! lol

  2. Nita says:

    And Mom’s flu tea…

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  5. Marilyn says:

    Have you ever tried grapefruit seed extract?? You can’t make it yourself, but it works wonders on the flu, especially when combine with garlic! If you do get the stomach flu it will be a lot milder and most of the time you won’t get the bad stomach pains that go with it! It’s wonderful stuff and I keep it on hand all the time. Research it and you will be amazed at what you can use it for.

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