My Baby Turns 2!!


2 yrs ago he came… (May 16th) I still remember the feeling of awe over hold my 3rd son!! It just doesn’t get old!! I LOVE those first minutes of life. The wonder of meeting the little person who you carried for 9mths, the awe of a totally unique little being, different from EVERYONE else!!

 His arrival into this world will be well-remembered… His Dad almost didn’t make it back to the hospital in time. My labor was very slow and sluggish, and didn’t seem to be going anywhere. He (Delvyn) was restless and so I finally sent him home. (I had been in there since 9 the night before and it was now around 11am and I was not progressing.) He would only be gone a couple of hours or so. About an hour and a half later I was getting restless and needed my man back with me. So I texted him and said ‘I need you back ASAP’!! And jumped in the shower. It felt sooo good!! I sat in there for a long leisurely soak, washing my hair, figuring I was going to be pg forever. Little did I know I was actually in transition. About then Delvyn walked in, it was close to 2pm. He took one look at me and asked, ‘Has Kathy checked you lately?’ ’Umm, No!! What’s the point?? I’m not doing anything!’ Haha He had the last laugh. While I got out of the shower he went to find Kathy, my midwife. She took one look at me and asked if I feel pushy. Maybe a little bit, but I was still in denial that anything was actually happening!!

She checked and said, “Get that tub filled, we are ready to have this baby NOW!!!’ (I have water births.) And about 20 min. later we were holding a tiny, slippery, newborn baby!! And his life hasn’t been dull since!!! Rylen David adds a spice to life that only he can fill!! He has been a very happy-go-lucky child, seeing the positive in everything! And loving life. Nothing gets him down. If something stands in his way, he’ll just figure a way around it. He will follow his brothers everywhere, doing all that he can, just as they are, only getting frustrated over not being able to do something they can. He hates being left behind, but doesn’t take long to cheer up and find something to do.

 ‘Meeting his brothers’ (Only a couple hours old.)

He has been our ray of sunshine for 2yrs now. And I find it so hard to believe it has been that long already!! Time is just flying, it’s sad. I wanna just treasure these moments forever!! We don’t know God plan for blessing us with more little ones. But we know He’s in control!!

‘Age 1’

We never dreamt he’d be the first child to wear a cast of any sort!! He is way more cautious than his next older brother. But it happened from that brother… Jevan gave him a shove and he braced his fall with his hand, fracturing his elbow. We will have to keep an eye on it, as it goes right through his growth plate. But he is one super-trouper!! It hardly slows him down… The problem is, now that he has his full, hard cast instead of the splint, he is using it for a weapon. He dislikes wearing the sling. But it keeps him from using it as a weapon so much. (And Dr. orders are for him to wear it. So we do try!!)

Waiting for his gift…

Checking out his semi and tractor!

Playing with a new toy is always fun!!

We all went outside to work last evening before we had his pie and ice cream. (We are kind of tired of cake right now, too many birthdays so close together, mine and then Collin’s. So I did something different.) And he sure didn’t care…

I came in to find him with most of his little special, star-shaped pie gone!! He was hungry and he didn’t feel like waiting…

So I stuck the candles in the edges and he did an awesome job of blowing them out. So good in fact Delvyn had to relight them 2 times just so I could get a picture.

Baby, have a great year being 2!!!

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3 Responses to My Baby Turns 2!!

  1. Brenda says:

    He looks like he’s grown up and changed his looks so much since I’ve seen him! 😦 Happy Birthday Rylen!!

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  3. Nita says:


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