I’ll Learn, I’ll Get It… I Will, I WILL

One day…  Not sure, but I am thinking I have learned pretty good after the other night that I will no longer eat any Ice Cream!!! (Even if it’s homemade.)

I have noticed a pattern for a while, that after eating ice cream, especially in the evening, I would get terrible stomach cramps and gas. I would be so miserable, I don’t sleep much all night. It didn’t happen every time, so I didn’t think it was totally the problem. But it has happened often enough now, that I will think twice before putting another bite into my mouth!!

I have been wanting to blog for a while now about changes I’ve made in my own diet. But I am always a bit scared to tell everyone that I am off on another diet change. But I can’t deny what my body is telling me. So I will just admit it, and admit it publicly.

The GAPS Diet is what I feel best on. And no, that is not an easy diet to follow!!! And it’s even harder when I am the only one in my family following it. But I feel soooo much better when I do, that it does make it worth it.

Basically, the only thing I have to change is taking out all grains and adding LOTS of chicken broth/soups. GAPS is no grains-such as rice, oatmeal, beans, so I’m not eating them, or at least as little as possible. (There are more things, but my mind is kinda pblank right now.) I’ve kinda been following it when I am at home, but when I go away just eat the best I can following the diet. I never like being a big bother to everyone else.

The GAPS Diet is designed to rebuild the immune system, replant good gut flora and heal and seal the stomach walls. So taking lots of good probiotics is necessary too. I drink lots of kefir, on the days my stomach can handle it. It helps children with behavioral and learning disabilities, and adults with digestive and immune system disorders, such as candida, and crohne’s. My cousin has had good results with her little girl and her bad eczema.

One thing GAPS really helps with is the constipation that has been a problem for years!! All the good, healthy animal fats work as a great lubrication, or something. As long as I have some good brothy soup at least once a day, I have no problems. This has helped as well – In cases of stubborn constipation, introduce freshly pressed juices earlier in the diet, from stage 2: start from carrot juice first thing in the morning and take your cod liver oil at the same time.  The juice will stimulate bile production as many cases of persistent constipation are due to poor bile production.  When there is not enough bile, the fats in the food do not digest well; instead they react with salts and form soap in the gut, causing constipation.  Removing dairy may also help. -Source

A good broth is made from a whole chicken or other animal, containing lots of joints and fat. Then cook for a few hours, until the meat is very soft. Then use the broth in all your soups, for cooking rice (flavors the rice deliciously!!), or for whatever else you find to use it in. Use it all you can!! Meat stocks provide building blocks for the rapidly growing cells of the gut lining and they have a soothing effect on any areas of inflammation in the gut.  That is why they aid digestion and have been known for centuries as healing folk remedies for the digestive tract.  Chicken stock is particularly gentle on the stomach and is very good to start from.  To make good meat stock you need joints, bones, a piece of meat on the bone, a whole chicken, giblets from chicken, goose or duck, whole pigeons, pheasants or other inexpensive meats.  It is essential to use bones and joints, as they provide the healing substances, not so much the muscle meats.  -Source (You know they say chicken soup is good for colds and being sick, there is a reason for it!!)

I don’t know how long I will have to follow this, guess as long as I have problems. It can take years to heal a bad gut!! And I know it depends on how faithfully you follow the protocol.


Another interesting thing has happened to me this week… Good and bad. Good because it will continue my path to healing, bad because it is making me sick again.

My lyme friend had been telling me about a chiro treatment she had been getting and she gave it lots of credit for her health improvement. It is called Upper Cervical Chiropractic. She is from another state, so I couldn’t go to the same chiro. I tried contacting him to see if I could find someone near me to go to. But we haven’t been able to connect.

I have been going to a chiro once a week pretty much this whole year. And in the past month and a half I noticed I needed a 2nd treatment half way through the week. It seemed like my neck would seize up, way at the very top of my neck. For a while that 2nd treatment helped, but then it suddenly didn’t anymore. I finally asked my chiro about it, giving him great detail in how I was feeling, like my neck was locking, right at the base, where the head rests on the neck. He said it sounds like a lateral problem. So he checked ‘C1 (Atlas) and C2’, and yes, there was a problem there. He began adjusting it, doing what he calls a ‘Toggle Recoil’. When done correctly, it can have profound affects on one’s health because it helps reposition the first two bones of the cervical spine. These bones surround the brainstem, the most centralized portion of nerve connection, between the spinal cord and the brain. When these bones are misaligned, due to trauma, tissue adhesions, edema, and many other seemingly minor injuries, it can alter nerve conduction and weaken the body’s functionality as a whole. -Source (Ok, I found that on YouTube some where, but can’t find it again. And I don’t wanna sound like I advocate everything I read/see on YouTube either. But it summed up what I was trying to say so well.)

If that atlas is not lined up properly, it messes up the whole spine and the brain stem, that runs down the center of the spine. Our immune system is regulated by the brainstem. -Source

Here’s a YouTube video that explains it with a visual aide.

So are you getting the picture?? That spine stem has to do with the immune system. The immune system is all messed up by Lyme!! So this is a great way to fight back!! A great way for the body to heal itself!! Can you tell I’m excited?? (As much as I can be with a pounding headache at the moment.)

Last week he adjusted it twice. On Monday I went in again and he did ‘C2’ along with ‘C1’ for the first time. By that evening I could feel I was getting worn out. I didn’t know then, but it was the beginning of a lyme attack. Monday night I had the terrible gut cramps. Normally, by morning I am feeling better. But it was not the case. I seemed to just get worse!! I didn’t know why, until 4pm, when I eliminated a bunch of toxic stuff. And it hit me, my body was detoxing and cleaning house!! I was having a Lyme Attack!! One like I haven’t had in a long, long while!!

I found out from my friend that the treatments I was getting is what she had gotten. And yes, she was sick for a few weeks while doing those treatments. But she has felt better than ever since she got to the other side. She went from hardly able to do work to being able to jog, in a matter of months. That is better than I am at right now, taking a walking can still wear me out. She had also done the cleansing in FL back in Nov/Dec. and really feels that helped her lots as well!!

So here we are at the beginning of a new chapter for me. I am still studying all of this and want to learn more. You know me, I wanna know how and why things work. I don’t even let a chiro adjust me without me knowing what he/she is doing and what they are feeling or finding. I have been going to 3 different ones, they each have their own technic. And I only like 2 of them. The 3rd I would just go to as she was right in town, it was a quick fix, 5 min in and out!! Not a good chiropractor in my book, but she helped in pinches.

I am going to be getting adjusted every other day or 3 times a week for right now. And see how it goes. My friend did it 6 days a week for 2 wks. So each case/person will be different.


I am soooo sore tonight… not just in my neck, but down my whole body!! Along my spine, shooting out along my back and down my legs and arms. I’m going to try a Ginger Detox Bath, without the sweat afterward!! My head is pounding, I can’t imagine doing a sweat detox for a couple hours after that! And the ginger should take away the headache!

I’m excited!! Not for being sick for a few weeks, but I have good health to look forward to on the other side. And I’m really excited about that!!

A healthy spine = a healthy mind = a healthy body.

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