Random Links I Found to be Interesting

 Homeschooling fun – D.E.A.R. Day – Drop. Everything. And. Read. I’m thinking this would be a great and fun idea to use in homeschooling. A reading camp…

An awesome e-book with recipes using kefir!!! Here is the link. Everything from cheeses, to smoothies, breads… how to flavor… We love kefir, the boys will drink it straight. But flavoring it does help!!

–What do we eat anyway?? Some posts I have seen on experiments with store-bought foods. Makes you think twice before eating it again… so if you don’t want to know what you are eating, don’t read the links.:)

Ice Cream experiment – Part 1 Seeing how 2 boxes of ice cream would melt… when left sitting on the counter 

Ice Cream experiment – Part 2 The results after 8, yes, 8 days!!

In Nourishing Traditions, it is stated that there is anti-freeze in ice cream. And here is a great post with lots of links if you want more info on what is in your ice cream and the games manufactures play with the FDA.

15 Yr Old Cupcakes – If it’s not good enough for bugs and bacteria, it’s most certainly not good enough for you or your children!

We have a friend in town who had this McDonald’s bag sitting in his office. And it was sitting there every time we would go in. Finally, curiosity got the better of my hubby and he asked about it. Our friend happy obliged to show us the burger he had stored in there. (For the day he finally gets hungry enough to eat it. After he bought it, he has not returned to a McDonald’s since. Or any other fast food place.) That burger is over 5 yrs old and looks almost as good as when he first got it!! How gross is that??

Many are basically eating DEAD foods!! And expecting our bodies to live a healthy, vibrant life off that DEAD food!! Is it any wonder so many people are sick? Or that people are just slugging through life without the normal zest a person should have?? Try eating a whole foods diet, one without processed foods. You just might be surprised!!

If you would like to learn more and watch a video on ‘Food Matters’ check out my post here.

Ever wonder what Crisco is made of/comes from? Check out this post.

Wanna make Honey-Suckle Jelly?? Click here to find out how. I would love to make it just to do it. But not with the sugar… wonder if it would work with honey??

Your Spouse is NOT your Enemy Satan is, you and your spouse are teammates, working against the enemy.

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