Selling Cookies and Filling Fountains

‘Chocolate World’ Hershey, PA April ’11
And yes, it would be here that the boys would also randomly tackle each other while walking from point A to point B… Hitting each other for the shear? joy of doing it…

What is it with BOYS?!?!?! And I know it’s not just mine!! For I have talked with enough others who have 3 in a row or know of family/friends with 3 in a row, that I know there is a difference in the way boys behave.

My boys don’t go looking for trouble!! Oh, no!! It somehow always comes and finds them!!! When there are 3 in a row, they are somehow, I don’t know, more boy!! They just have more tendencies to be rough, be clumsy. They love to tackle each other, tackle other boys or girls (but they are learning girls are not the same as boys!) They just will beat each other up for no apparent reason… You get my point? Know what I mean?? I don’t know how to explain it…

But before we ‘talk’ about ‘trouble’, lets talk about the ‘selling cookies’ part… it still makes me smile.

A bunch of us from church, ok, so it was most of us, had a HUGE Garage Sale together this week-end. I decided to let Collin have the experience of making some money selling granola bars and cookies. He got all excited, helping make the granola bars and seeing dollar bills piling up… (He is saving up to buy a red heifer!! Don’t pop his balloon by telling him it’ll take a few yrs to get there.) I had coached him a bit, as he was scared ‘No one will buy cookies and granola bars from me because they don’t have sugar in them’. I told him to just ask ‘Would you like to buy a cookie?? They are really good!!’

So this morning (I wrote this last night) I got him all set up with his baskets and signs for cookies and granola bars. And just a bit later a lady stopped and asked the girls selling lemonade what they were selling. She bought a cup of juice from them and then Collin shyly pipes up, ‘You wanna try my cookies??’ And she looked at his hopeful eyes and looked at the options and said ‘Sure!’ She handed him a dollar and you should have seen that boy!!! He was jumping up and down, so excited, ‘Mom!!! I got money! Mom!! I got some money!!!’ I chuckled a bit and told him I was proud of him!! She watched him and promptly bought 2 more dollars worth. And that just made his day!! He had a profitable day selling a bunch of cookies and lots of granola bars. If I say he is one happy boy, it would be an understatement!!

But now for the other two of those 3 boys in a row that I have… They were not so easy to occupy or keep close at hand.

The wonderful lady of the house, where we had the garage sale, has this lovely fountain. And it bubbles and gurgles, sounding lovely and has wonderful water running in it. You know, the kind boys can hardly resist. And remember boys don’t go looking for trouble, it just comes to them!!! I mean, why not pee in a fountain that all ready full of water?? And why not throw lots of rocks into it??

A few hours later, the pee and the rocks in the fountain was a trifle matter… I was alerted to a naked little boy, well, an almost one!! I went to investigate, dreading what I would find. You know, that ‘mom intuition’??? I was right. I found not one but 2 muddy boys. And right now there is no mud to be found. I took one look at the ‘once-upon-a-time pretty sparkling fountain’. And was now a MUD pond!!

Two boys got cleaned up, and strapped into car seats. It was NAP time!! And it didn’t take long for sleep and those two boys to find each other. Mean while, I had a mess to clean up!!

Our hostess had recently potted pretty flowers in pots close to the fountain, they uprooted the flowers and plopped them and lots of dirt into the water. It was NOT pretty anymore. I was dreading to face her, but knew I would have to.

When she came out the door I was kinda hoping for at least a disappointed look!! Or a chewing out in some way. I deserved it. Or they did. But really, I feel like it hinges on me. I am their Mother. I am the one to be watching them. I am the one to be guarding them from doing so many misdeeds. I am the one to be shaping and molding. I am the one to be nurturing. I am the one who is to make these boys into men. Men who act like real gentlemen. Men who treat others with respect. Men who put others first. Men who honor God. Men who serve God with their whole hearts. Men who love others and show it. Boys who become the men that God wants them to be.

But I feel so small. I feel like I can never accomplish all that God has laid out for me. I feel so unworthy of the task given to me. I feel like I could never do this. And I know I never will be able to. At least not all on my own. I can only do it with God’s help. I can only do it as I seek His help and His guidance in raising them. Only He can give me wisdom to guide their hearts to Him.

Even when I feel so overwhelmed, and I feel too tired to chase after boys, I try to look at the positive side. It is just often so hard for me to enjoy socializing away from home. Socializing wears me out, and then going and checking on boys yet too, and taking care of them… Never mind, I’m not here to complain. I’m so thankful to be feeling as good as I am!!

And I am soooo very, very thankful for friends who understand and who can laugh with me at my boy’s escapades!!! Let me assure you, not everyone sees it that way. Some just roll their eyes, wishing I would have better control over their antics. (Believe me, many, many times, wish I did too!!) But I have learned it is just better to laugh with them, and about their mess-ups. Which is really all most of the things are… they are just exploring their world. And often it ends up becoming a disaster… in one form or another. So why not find the humor in it??

L.M. Thanks sooo much for understanding, for laughing with me, and for sharing your own stories of your ‘3 in a row’. It helps me not to feel so alone in this stage in life!! I am enjoying Motherhood, but some days it is hard to see pass the messes and disasters. You are an encouragement to me in more ways than you will ever know!!!

Any of you other readers out there have ‘3 in a row’?? Got any tips and suggestions for me?? Or for others who happen to read this?? I’d love to learn… I’d love ideas to give my boys creative and constructive things to do, so they don’t find all the things to do that they really should not be doing!! Please, do share!!!

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