Brush with Disaster

Sunday evening… a day we won’t forget.

We had a meeting at church that afternoon… My sisters were home with our 3 boys. Right about the time the meeting was over, the sirens started going. Beings none of us live in town, we didn’t know what was going on!! But when they didn’t stop, we knew something was happening. I quick called my sisters and told them something was going on. Watch the weather and listen to the radio. We quick jumped in our van and head home. (And into the storm!!)

We had about 10 minutes to beat the storm. Arriving home, we found some distraught boys. Collin knew enough about tornado’s to know it was something to FEAR!!! As we listened to the radio, it was coming very close. Mom wanted my sister’s home, so they headed out to their car. About then the storm hit!! Little bit of hail and gusts of wind!!! It was crazy!!! I right away doubted the wisdom of the girls going home, and tried calling Mom. Here they were feeling the same way and were sitting in the car yet, talking to mom too.

As I was watching out the window to see what they were going to do, our Buckhorn tree began to really sway. There was a ride-on-toy under the tree and Collin was all worried about it. I wasn’t about to step out in the storm. Then the wind began to blow across the drive. The girls decided to come in about then. And I seen Sara run up the drive, stooping to pick up that toy, taking her around the tree, instead of the direct path under it as she normally would have done. I watched as the tree twisted and a large side limb came crashing down, right where that toy had been before being blown across the drive. And then I noticed Sara was standing right there, hand on her head. The edge of those branches had brushed her. And she was noticeably shaken!! A second later another large branch came down right beside it.

God’s hand was so obviously there!!! He caused that car/toy to blow at just the right moment, taking her away from the base of the tree. Linda was about 10 ft. behind, and was out of harms way.

But that was minor compared to other places… the tornado touched down 2 miles south of us, taking a home. And then touched down again in town. It was only an EF1, so the damage was minor compared to Joplin, MO. But there were a number of homes destroyed, and lots and lots of trees over, windows out, and stuff blown everywhere!! We drove into town and realized it went right by my Aunt and Uncle’s place. They were on the very edge of the tornado. The house next door had windows blown out. She had lovely lilac’s, they were twisted flat!! So we picked lots of lovely blooms. But my, after I got them home I realized just how dirty they were.

And we had a rough night with the boys… waking with nightmares every few hours. And they are still asking lots of questions… We are just thankful for God’s protection over us. And our little town.

My Dad and Mom came over after the storm and Dad got to work cleaning up the tree. At least enough that we could get the van out of the garage.

I have great memories of my Dad and a chainsaw. And I love the memories the smell of woodchips and chainsaw gas bring back!!!

The back side of the tree. There was a big branch that was dead. There was a fungus on it. But we didn’t know it was that dead, last year it was fine. So it must have been fast growing. It was not a large branch, but that doesn’t mean anything!! My cousin was killed by a very small branch. It just depends on the wind, force, etc!!!

Watching the action…

Working hard!!! The boys had great fun dragging branches. It kept ’em busy for the evening and next morning, when Delvyn finished cleaning up the mess.

‘See my muscles??’

‘Col-i-na, I need help!!’ (His pronunciation of Collin.)

He was more the happy to help. (I was inside, so these were taken through the window. Or else I would never have gotten pictures as I did.)

Together – we can get the job done!!!

These are the memories I like… sooo much better than Saturdays!!! And I’m grateful for God’s protection.

There sis, you better be happy… my kids aren’t!! It’s bed time…
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4 Responses to Brush with Disaster

  1. June says:

    Thank you 🙂

    Jevan looks so “grown up” all of a sudden….

    • TenderHerb says:

      Yes, he does!!! He is changing so much right now. His conversations are very verbal and understandable!! He loves to talk to people and is just moving out of toddlerhood and into boyhood.:( It’s all too fast!!!

  2. Brenda Orendorf says:

    Glad ya’ll were kept safe!

  3. Bev says:

    love chainsaw memories too! 🙂

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