Communitcate Love

Marriage is not an easy road. Before you think its been really rough for us, don’t… hear me out!! Being married is a wonderful blessing, but living with another person who is often opposite of what I am, is just not always easy.

Why is it opposites attract anyway?? One way that I know, it refines me. Or should I say, God uses it to refine me!! The things that annoy me, bug me, whatever, God uses to keep molding and shaping us into His image. Wish I would always remember that.

And since we are so different, we communicate differently. So do I communicate love to my spouse in a way he understands?? There are 5 Love Languages, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch. Most people will feel only 2 strongly. (You can take a test here, if you don’t know your own. Or use a printable here.)

I am a quality time person. Give me 10 minutes of your time, talking, doing something together and I will feel loved. I thrive on family activities… doing things together! I love talking, laughter and a good time. T.I.M.E. spells LOVE to me!!!

But it is taking me a while to learn to speak my hubby’s love language, words of affirmation. Why?? I wish I knew. I know what speaks love to him, I just don’t exercise it. How hard is it to say things that build someone up?? To praise him, affirm him, and let him know he is loved!! When I do tell him things, he glows!! He floats on air!! I know some of the reasons it is harder for me, I’ve seen it abused. People laid it on thick and gushed over others in ways that were not always true. Or would say things one way to their face and tell someone else the total opposite. And I guess it just scares me. Grrr!

But its something so simple to do!! I doesn’t take much of my energy like acts of service would. And for that I am thankful, especially right now, as I am not feeling so good today. (I’ve been going to the chiro everyday.) I want to show my love in ways that my hubby will feel it, not waste it on acts of service or spending quality time with him if it’s not spelling love to him.

I’m off to build up my man!!!

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