A Wedding, Camping, and Lyme Update…

Life… has been very full!!! Our spring has been fun, full and fulfilling. May was cooler than normal, but we had a few warm days, as in HOT. The weather has just been crazy this spring. It pushed haying off a good week later than normal. And we were not sure how it was all going to work out, as our church planned to go camping and the two were going to coincide way too close.

A week ago found us heading north for my cousin’s wedding, on Memorial Day. (I think we will always remember her wedding date.;) ) We left home in 80* and went 3 hrs north to 60*!! I wasn’t prepared for that fast of a change. (Though it did warm up later in the day.) We ran into hail and heavy rain, scaring our boys. It was too fresh a reminder of the tornado that went through here. It was a lovely wedding.

Afterward we stopped to see my cousin who has Lyme as well. It was a short, but sweet visit. She is planning a July wedding too, I just wish I was feeling 100% to help her more. But we both share our stories and support each other.

We came home to hay making. The weather was iffy for it, but it needed to be done. So Wed. they hit it hard. Delvyn called me around 8 and said not to wait up for him. But I am not one who can sleep good with out my man beside me. So I stayed up til 12, and finally went to bed with the music of silo’s being filled and tractors humming up and down the road. I woke up a long time later and realized the lamps were still on and I wondered what was happening, it was 3:30, but soon went back to sleep.

I woke up later as my hard-working man crawled into bed beside me. All I mumbled was, ‘Are you NUTS?!??!?!!??!’ And he happily replied, ‘We can go camping!! We are all done with the hay!!’ It wasn’t until later that I found out he came to bed at 5:45AM. After doing his normal morning chores of feeding cows.

So I got on the ball and began preparing to go camping on Fri. It was HOT!!! 90*+!!  But we had an awesome weekend. An awesome camping spot and awesome church family to camp with!! And some awesome memories made!!

I think there are 9 little boys who will forever remember water fights with Jim (Grandpa), swimming, tug-of-war, and holla-hoop games.

My 2 littles ones are missing here. ^^

Fighting hard… PULL, PULL!!

The girls.

3 Legged Race…

I got these water sticks for $1 ea. at Dollar Tree, they were worth every penny!! Even some of the adults got into fights.

I love these 2 pics of my boys playing with their Grandpa!! The memories they are making and the fun that they had!!

Playing hard.

A HUGE clam the boys found while swimming.

My boys found the ‘Rusty and Ryan’ book, so they had to have a story read.:) I found it amusing to see my hubby in the background when I looked at the pics after I got home.

Signing Rylen’s cast. (And as update, it came off yesterday, Wed.!!! Yay!! We are so glad to be done with that. The Doc was impressed, you can’t even see where the fracture was.)

Sunday Morning Church, the Penner Family came and shared with us. I love worshipping God in the great outdoors!!

Lunch – Our Traditional Trash Can Meal– Trash to Treasure!! It was so good!!

Gabbing and having fun!!

And this little guy was so tired and hungry on the way home, he decided to eat and sleep at the same time!!

Well, I was planning to put this post up on Tues. Well, my internet service went down. So I had to skip it. But I had one great day, I got my house cleaned, guys all got hair cuts, I defrosted a freezer, and did wash. And I was still feeling pretty good at the end of the day.

Wed. we went shopping, got the boys as play/swing set. Tomorrow evening we plan to start building it. We also got Rylen’s cast off, he was great about getting it cut off, and having another x-ray. Then last evening we went an hour north to hear/see ‘Sermon on the Mount’. If you ever have a chance to go hear him, it is worth it!!! He preaches while training a horse, applying applications of a horse to life!

Today Mom is coming to butcher the chickens we got in April. Hoping to get about half of them done!! It is much cooler, so that helps!!

So I need to get a move on… Life is full, and I am feeling great! I am blessed!! (I was going to do more of a Lyme Update, but this post got long the way it is!!)

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4 Responses to A Wedding, Camping, and Lyme Update…

  1. Bev says:

    Just put my camping pics on my computer tonight… I got some great ones too! 🙂 And some funny ones! lol Great times… can’t wait til nest camping trip 🙂

  2. Brenda Orendorf says:

    You’re pictures made me smile..love the one of the boys with your dad! Collin looks like he’s having the time of his life!:) That last pic of Rylen is adorable:) Hmmm butchering chickens…our youth just did that last nite. So I was dreaming ‘chicken’ all nite last nite:) I don’t think i’ll be eating chicken for a little while! lol

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