Free Adventures in the Holy Bible from Your Story Hour (+ dramatized CDs)

Moneysavingmom had this link for a free Bible Quiz course through Your Story Hour. When I was growing up we listened to these stories by the hour!! Mom would buy a set or two each summer and we could only listen to the new ones during canning. (Like when we were snapping mountains gallons of green beans or peeling bushels of peaches or husking wheelbarrows full of corn.) It made the time pass so much faster!!

So when I seen this offer, I jumped on it. Collin is just starting to love listening to dramatized stories.

When you sign up Your Story Hour will send you a lesson, which you fill out and return to them. They will then send you the next lesson along with a CD in the Life of Jesus series. So with each lesson you will receive the next CD. At the end of the lessons you will have all 13 CDs in the Life of Jesus series plus a case to store your CDs in as well.

So if you think it is something your children would enjoy check it out!! They will only send one CD set per family, even though you may have more then one child per family getting lessons.

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