Flowerbed Make-Over

This is almost embarrassing. But I just have to share…

This was my flowerbed on Monday morning!!! (if you want a quick peek at what it looks like now, scroll down!!) My parents are gone for the week so I knew my sister would be spending most or at least parts of days with me. We decided to get some work done. Monday morning I found out she would not be coming that day. I decided to see what I for dent I could make in the huge bed myself.

So it went from this…

  To this….

I got about half of it done… I should say I got that much done last year too. I was determined to redo it. But half way through I ran out of steam, so it was just left go. My kitchen window looks right out over this huge flowerbed. So it was an eye-sore for me. And it is right beside the drive where everyone parks. Kinda hard on the pride. But hey, when you have so much to do, raising boys, not feeling tops, that is what got left sit. I decided it was more important to do my garden and put up food then have lovely flowerbeds. So anyway, the grass really got in there and it was one wild hairy mess!!

Tuesday morning, Sara and I tackled the rest. Digging out LOTS of day-lillies and iris’ and WEEDS!!!! But noon, we had everything out. Delvyn tilled it all up for us. And then we had the fun of laying it all out and replanting!! I got some plants from my in-laws, who had them since we moved onto the farm almost 3 yrs ago. 1 being my prized bleeding heart from my Mom. They are very little and tiny right now. But they have front row seats!!

It was a bit overwhelming at first, this is a BIG bed. But we got it the way we wanted and I loved it. (Even before the mulch was in.) I rescued moved some plants from other flowerbeds as well. (Some of my other beds have pampas grass taking over, and yes, they are on the list to be redone too.)

This spot I didn’t do much too. I had weeded it good right before we went camping a couple of weeks ago. And had transplanted hostas there last spring, so it was pretty much ready to go.

We had everything to finish out the bed with mulch last night, but the wind picked up. There was no way we could do with the wind!! (So us girls went shopping. I think that was more fun anyway!!)

We woke up to rain… but I wasn’t about to complain. We needed it!! And the plants are loving it!! Moving them all over and then the wind beating them up, they were looking pretty sad!!! But this soft, slow, steady rain is perking them right up.

By lunch time it still wasn’t letting up, so we decided to just go out and do it anyway. (I really wish I could have some pictures of us working out there.) By the time we were done, we were all pretty wet!! I love using newspaper as a weed barrier, the reason we couldn’t do it in the wind, so the damp ground was perfect for it. Sara and I laid out the paper, while Delvyn and Collin through on the mulch. It only took 1 1/2hrs and we were all done. (Yep, we just had to finish by laying the stepping-stones in there. Hey, we were all ready soaked, what did it matter!?!?!?!)

Here’s the finished results….

Tell me… what do you think??? I think it is absolutely LOVELY!!! I can’t wait til the plants bush out and fill it up a bit. Perennials never take long to spread, so we gave them plenty of room.

Now I will relax and just enjoy that… until I get the motivation to do the next bed. Which might come sooner than I think. Just beyond this bed is another… the one being overrun with pampas grass. And it is trying to take over the boys sandbox too. So something needs to be done sooner than later!!

But for now, I will enjoy this one. And I can be proud of it. (Anyone want to come over??) Now I’m off to get a bunch of stuff soaking for a freezer/baking day tomorrow… Then head for church tonight. I had good news from my Chiro today. But will share that later… in a Lyme update.

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7 Responses to Flowerbed Make-Over

  1. Brenda says:

    Me!Me! Pick me! I want to come over!:) Looks very nice,Lois! Glad you had the energy to get it done:)

  2. Nita says:

    Looks Gorgiful!!!! 😛 You Guys Did Great!!!!

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  4. Anna says:

    LOVE the new flowerbed:) I’ve been workin’ on mine a lil every year…gotta love when you can get something to turn out so pretty!!

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