Just More Thoughts…

A rose from my hubby a while ago…

It’s been over a week since I spouted off about feeling tired and down… And so much has happened in that time. So many thoughts to think, and so much to be thankful for.

One big thing I am finding out is that when I am tired, I can not handle stress!! I get overwhelmed very easily, get depressed and discouraged. So that means I need to be better about getting to bed early and getting a good nights sleep.

I got sick Saturday. It started out as a cold on Fri. night, hitting me really hard in a matter of hours!! I just didn’t feel so great all day Sat. But I still help decorate our church for a wedding Sunday, came home and cleaned up house and got ready for Sunday. I could tell as the evening wore on, I was feeling worse and worse.

We ate an early supper, as in 4:45. So my evening was very relaxing. I took a ginger bath, but didn’t do the sweat, as I had so much pressure in my head from the head cold. The boys were in bed by 8, and I followed by 9. It has been ages since I hit the pillow that early. In fact I woke up at 11:30 and felt like it should have been 2 or 3. (They say your best hours of sleep are before midnight! I believe it!!!) I have no clue where I picked up the bug, but for the fact that Delvyn and I had run to Menards Thurs. evening. So am guessing I picked it up there some how.

My week had been full. Sara was here almost every day, as my parents went to the funeral of a friend in VA. We redid a big flower bed and did lot of talking and laughing. Having a sister around is sure different then all the men folks in this place!! We had lots of fun, but I was reminded why I my love boys!!! Fri we spent most of the day butchering the rest of the chickens, 27 in 7 hrs. We were pleased with how good it went, as I was not feeling so great!! Just basically lacked energy!! (Guess I was getting sick and didn’t realize it.) Mom and Sara did most of the work, as Linda had to work and we were not gonna wait for her. (Not like she cared!!)

But I sill think know I need to be more careful in not over doing it and making sure I am getting enough sleep at night. Going to bed around 11 and up around 6/6:30 is not cutting it.

Oh, and I had said I would say the good news my Chiro gave me last week… He was very, very impressed with how good my atlas is holding its correct position. After many, many adjustments, it’s finally figuring out what it needs to do.:)

I did not get nearly as sick as I thought I might. If you have not been following my journey for long, you can read my post about my atlas treatments here. We are very, very blessed to have a Christian Chiropractor who does his best to help us out. He gave us a very good price for each adjustment. It would have been very spendy to pay the normal price going 3-5 times a week. We have some great conversations, almost every time, during the adjustments. I find it amazing the different places God has each person, and the different ways God uses each of us.

We serve an AWESOME GOD!!!!

So since I have been feeling so good, I am once again working on things that have been left go… All those corners that just don’t get cleaned up, organized… etc. But since my husband’s sister plans to get married this fall, I have lots of work to get done.:) Not like I am really worried, but it is a good incentive. And I have all summer to work on it. So if this blog seems to be lacking posts, you know why!!

I have more to say… but wanna do more posts… so for the next few days you may ‘see’ more of me. (My hubby is gone for the evening… the boys are looking at books in bed. {Part of a punishment.} So it’s me time!!)

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  1. Brenda says:

    Thats a beautiful picture of the rose!:)

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