Simple Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

Since we had switched to sourdough for all our breads, (what little I make) my hubby has not liked the sourdough pizza crust I was making. I tried many, many different pizza crust recipes too. Hoping one would finally be IT!! But almost every time at the end of the meal he would mention something about it just not being the same!! So I knew I needed to keep trying to figure something out. Sat. night it is our tradition of having pizza.

I had found a recipe without yeast, but I really didn’t think it sounded good, so didn’t give it a thought to trying it… Until one day I totally forgot about starting my dough in the morning. So I knew I had to come up with something and FAST!! While I like to soak my grains, I knew that had to be by passed as well.

Then I once again bumped into that recipe. I think I had written it down, without the name, but had a good idea it was the pizza dough recipe. So I decided, what gives… I’m gonna try it. After baking it and pulling the yummy looking pizza from the oven I was feeling good. Until I cut into it. I wanted to cry, it looked awful. It just looked really greasy and dough yet. But everyone was at the table and waiting for their pizza supper tradition. So I served, with what I hoped was a cheery smile. (I was so scared of another flop!)

After my hubby reached for his second, or was it his third piece?? I bravely asked if ‘it was good, or at least passable??’ Grinning around the piece dripping with sauce, as he took a bite, he said at last, ‘It’s the best pizza you’ve made since this whole diet change!!’ I felt like dancing the rest of the evening!!

This crust is soooo simple to make. It does have its own uniqueness to it. If you like your high yeasty crusts, you may not like this one. As it is more dense, but way more moist then a thin crust pizza. But maybe that is because I make a batch and a half for a cookie sheet. We like a thicker crust.

So without further ado, here is the recipe and a few additions…

3 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1 t. sea salt
1 cup melted butter
1 cup plain yogurt

I add the following ingredients to the crust as well…

3/4 tsp Garlic Powder

3/4 tsp Basil

3/4 tsp Oregano

These are guesstimates!! I never measure them, just dump. (And yes, there is such a thing as too much garlic powder!! Oh, yes, we know!!) I started adding these 3 herbs before our diet change and have added them to every pizza crust recipe I have tried since. I seen it in a cookbook once, and they called it Pizza Hut Pizza Crust.

Stir ingredients together until thoroughly mixed.  You can make it (crust) right away or allow this dough to soak for 12-24 hours in order to break down the phytates and make the grain more easily digestible. (Which is what I know do.)

I have also messed around with lessening the butter. It is just a tad on the greasy side for us… But otherwise we love it. The next week, when I mentioned making pizza Delvyn was like, ‘You gonna make that new crust recipe right?!?!?!!!’ ‘Yes, my dear, I plan to.’ And I did and it will all I will use from here on out.:) At least until I find another new one to try…

(You could possibly make it gluten-free using some other gluten-free flour… but I have never tried it. If you do let me know!!)

And sorry no pics… you can see some pics here, where I found the original recipe. Maybe one day…

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