~::Strawberry Season::~

Who doesn’t love fresh, juicy, red strawberries??!!??!! We have been loving the fresh berries for over a week now. The first were delivered, when I was least expecting them!! (I hadn’t known they were ready yet.) Needless to say, they were quickly devoured!!

Delvyn told me that I wasn’t allowed to pick berries this year. I sighed, knowing I would pay more than double for pre-picked. We have been able to pick for around a $1 a lb the last couple of years. So I started pricing… And a friend was able to get me 4 flats for about a $1.84 a lb. I was very, very happy!!

So Wed. found me doing berries. And my wonderful sis offered to help. We did around 50lbs of berries in a matter of hrs!! (Some were frozen whole for smoothies.)

The boys ate their share of them too. And how they manage to still want lunch is beyond me!! (Where do they pack all that food??)

A couple of years ago a cousin told me she uses her food processor to slice the berries, instead of mashing them. I tried it and have never looked back. It saves a ton of time and LOTS of splatters and splashes. (Unless you have lots o’ little boys helpin’.)

There is still juice, but the berries are more firm. Just in sliced form. I really can’t tell a whole lot of difference, but then it’s been a while since I had smashed berries.

It is just really, really fast and easy to put them through the food processor!! And I don’t mind little hands helping. I remember smashing berries at home and we would have splatters wall to wall and floor to ceiling ’til we would be done!! This time when we were done, I could have spot mopped. As it was I didn’t mop until today… as it needed it anyway and just now got it done.

Now we can enjoy berries the rest of the yr. I know I should really do more… who knows maybe I will… They really won’t last long enough!!


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3 Responses to ~::Strawberry Season::~

  1. Nita says:

    Looks So Yummy!!! 🙂

  2. Liz says:

    1.84 is cheap for picked berries. Up here one of the cheapest place to pick ( that I found) was $1.55. And that was with driving 45 min. For us it’s $14 a pail. I know pails probably differ in lbs. but this was 5 lbs. I don’t think i would pick either if I could buy them for $1,84. Glad you had something that cheap available to you.

  3. Anna says:

    Just a hint… I have that same food processor and you’ll save yourself even more time if you pull out the white platic part and set it up to go into a bowl:)

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