Happiness is…

…Big steps taken today in Potty Training.

…A little boy who refuses a pamper. (Even though he may want one tomorrow.)

…Having a hard-working hubby who lets his boys ride with him.

…Finding and cleaning up an old picnic basket.

…Using that basket to hold supper supplies for a picnic with my farmer hubby and his boys along side a freshly mown hay-field.

…3 boys and 2 adults bouncing along in a tractor.

…Hermie the Worm jokes to make little boys giggle and ask for more.

…Dirty dishes – it means I spent time with those I love.

…Dirty boys – they played worked hard all day!!

…Clean clothes – I won’t have a son digging through the pile in my room at 6:30am, looking for a clean shirt and not finding one.

…Weeded flowerbeds – they are slowly looking better.

…Round-up – for killing that nasty Pampas Grass.

…Having a son who apologizes for dumping over your freshly repotted pepper plants.

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2 Responses to Happiness is…

  1. Brenda says:

    You’re post makes me smile…sounds like a good day! The picnic sounds fun:)

  2. Rhoda Mullet says:

    I like!!!

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