The Fun of Potty-Training

Ahhh, another one with the hardest part of potty-training done. I will get my first diaper break in 6yrs. (Besides the 1 & 1/2 mth break between Collin and Jevan.) I have had a few people ask me how I potty-train, so I just thought I would share here. It has worked for me with three boys, so it just might work for someone else. Most of the ideas came from my Mom and I just went with the flow of my child. It is not flaw proof!! I sure had my moments of hair pulling and wondering if it really was worth it, if it was really going to work. Or if they were really going to learn.

First off, make sure your child is showing signs of being ready.

-Staying dry all night and nap times.

-Expressing an interest in the pot, watching Mom or Dad. Rylen loved standing next to the toilet with his brothers and pretending he was going too.

– Have a potty-chair sitting out. Talk about it, let him sit on it, play with it and get comfortable with it.

And then plan ahead.

– Choose a time that works good for you. I set aside a good two weeks to focus on potty-training. I don’t plan a lot of things for the first week, trying to stay home if at all possible and as much as possible!!! I for sure stay home the first 3-5 days, not going anywhere. But just do what works best for you.

– Prepare the child. A few days before you plan to start, tell him your plans. Talk about underwear. Tell him ‘You are a big boy/girl now’. (I won’t lay claims to training a girl. I’ve heard they are different. But I wouldn’t know…) And the night before, tell him that the next day he won’t be wearing diapers. Gear him up. If you want you can even take him to buy his own underwear. I’ve more kept that as a prize at the end when I am getting them to stop being lazy!! (Who wants to get Thomas or Mater dirty and have to take him off?? And exchange them for boring white underwear again.)

-Get them drinking. I let my boys drink all they want, encouraging them to drink more. It works great to make a favorite tea, juice and put it in a fun cup. The more they drink, the more practice they get and the faster they will realize what it going on.

– Mornings are the best hours. When he wakes up, take him right to the potty-chair. If he is still dry, his bladder has to be pretty full. Prime time for practice!! And hopefully a success. For me that never happened for a least a week. Yep, discouraging!!

– Give rewards. Stickers or charts never worked for my boys. It had to be something worth while. Namely – candy!! The first few times of sitting on the potty is fun. But then it gets old and fast!! So I give one piece, I like to do M & M’s, when they sit. And then when they learn to release when sitting there, give them a reward when they go. And slowly wean them off of the reward part. I already have Rylen off the reward part and he still has more accidents than not!! He actually doesn’t even have the #2 part figured out yet. (That was last week. {Time to get this posted!!} In one weeks time, he is getting the #2 figured out and telling me when he needs to go. I started giving showers, but not cold ones, to clean him up. My boys hate showers!! It worked even warm. -See below-)

He ate many snacks and looked at lots of books while sitting here. It’s also great if you take the time to read to them.  Anything to distract them into sitting longer. Especially if you know they need to go before long.

– Sitting on the Pot. It kinda depends on the child, but for me, I would make them sit for 2-3 minutes, then wait 10-15 min. and sit again. Then if they went, I would wait a half hr, then start doing the 10-15 minute thing again. You will kinda learn their pattern of when they go. Rylen can hold it like no child I’ve ever seen. And he is so random, it has been a different training session for me. But I am seeing results!! It is amazing how fast 10-15 minutes go by. It is different and annoying living life in those time increments!!

– When it happens!! CELEBRATE!!! Get other siblings involved to celebrate too!!! We all give a round of high fives… Rylen will proudly show off his accomplishments to all who will look. Gross I know, but right now it is exciting, so we just sorta roll with it. It will get old soon enough.

For Collin and Jevan, once they started going pee in the potty chair, I would just take them every 45 min or so and they would go. That was not the case with Rylen. I had to time him just right. He would tell me, but then couldn’t just release in the pot. Maybe it is because he is 5 mths younger than the other 2 were. I don’t know. But the same ideas worked, just had to work them a bit differently. He is finally going pee when I ask him too learning to release it. It took about 3 wks to get to that point. But with Collin it took a day, Jevan a few days. But then Collin was 2 1/2 and Jevan almost 3. And Rylen is just over 2.

-Another idea… (one I didn’t use a lot) is to keep them in the kitchen for the first days. Saves all the pee on the carpet and is easier to clean up. Do a bunch of baking/cooking while you are doing the 10-15 min. sitting on the potty thing. (It’s a good time to fill your freezer with freezer baking days.) You can find fun things for your child to do at the table, play dough, my boys farm on the table all the time!!, puzzles… etc.

When you think it’s cold, just wrap up…

Oh, and for a while he was just not caring, (He would just go in his underwear) so I let him run around in the buff. And that makes a child realize real fast that he does have control over that flow!! That is when I seen a huge change in him.

We have made huge progress in the #2 department, in just a weeks time!!! It seemed like once we got over the hurdle of learning to release and realizing he could hold it, he began telling me. He is even going at church, on a big pot with a kid seat on it. (He thinks he’s big stuff up there!!)

This is not to say we are done!! He still has a ways to go in remembering what he is to do. And what has worked for us to help the boys remember is a cool shower!! Mean I know… but it sure helps with the lazies!!! (And most times I do not do pure cold, just cold enough it’s not comfortable.) And it generally doesn’t take long and they remember to go… who wants to get a cold shower??

Give yourself at least 3wks before giving up. And a good week or two before you begin seeing progress… Seems long, but it is so worth it!!!

Have fun and be patient. {Smile} Don’t stress over the accidents… they are part of learning!! I knew my carpets needed a shampooing, so I am waiting ’til Rylen has it down good and then we will do it.

It’s one day at a time!!!….

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  1. Nita says:

    sounds like your doin a good job!! 🙂

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