-Puppies- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!!!

We have known for a while our ‘Lady’ was going to have pups!! And the boys were excited!! (Did I really have to even say that?? It’s pretty much an understatement!!) She lives at Delvyn’s parents place more than she lives here, so of course she had her pups over there. In actuality, I don’t care!! If they were here I’d have to be out there guarding the door if we were to have any pups still alive after the first 24 hrs.

Yesterday we got the call, ‘She had her first one’, we could come over and observe. So we pretty much dropped everything and went.

Watching and waiting…

We only waited til the 2nd one was born, then headed home again. (We have Vacation Bible School in the evening this week.)

The boys were so excited, and happy, but only 2 pups??!!??!! She had to have more!! In fact, all the way to church Collin and Brooklyn were arguing about who was going to get the pups, (by then there was 3).

During the course of the evening I got word about the next 2 and everyone was soooo happy there were more!! In fact, enough for each cousin to have one and one left over. Hmmmm, wonder if some parents will really let them have that many pups running around!!

This afternoon they are a rolling mass of legs and bodies, squeaking and squealing when one gets to far from the pack!! They are as cute as can be for being less than 24 hrs old!! 3 look just like their Mom and 2 just like their Dad. It will be interesting to see if they look more terrier or border collie!!

So far Lady seems to be a good Mom!! It’s kinda funny watching her, as her legs are so long they seem to get in her way too.

Now the fun begins of watching them grow and become roly-poly pups!!

(And most of them are spoken for… so if  you want one speak up and wait in line if someone drops out!! Some boys who think they are getting one each, really won’t be!!)
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3 Responses to -Puppies- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!!!

  1. Em says:

    they’re SOOO cute! btw we’ll take one!! =P =D lol

  2. Nita says:

    WE’LL TAKE ONE!!! 😛 They are so cute!!

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