Enjoying Motherhood Part 2

Happy Mothering Day.

God is so good!!! I wrote part 1 a few weeks ago. After writing it and then reading and rereading it, I wondered if I should really post it. I try to keep my blog more upbeat. But I also try to keep it real. I don’t have life all figured out or have everything all together. It’s easy to make it appear so on here. So that post sat in my drafts for a couple of weeks.

Sunday we had Communion. I rather forgot about it until we were almost to church. So I was thinking back over the last few days/weeks. So many times I am feeling down. But that morning I was feeling upbeat!! And I realized I had been feeling that way for a while… I am enjoying my role of Wife and Mom again. (I have been taking the boys down to the creek when it’s hot and we have been having a lot of fun!! Among other things, I have been enjoying life!!)

I can’t really say just when it happened, it wasn’t overnight. It was more like a slow, gradual accepting of my circumstances. As God worked in my heart, as I changed my thoughts, as I looked for the blessings in my rough spots… God was working in my heart, slowly but surely.

I am sure I will still struggle at times. There will be rough days, but over all I feel like I am coming to a place of peace. I am learning to just rest, trusting God for the strength I need each day.

I still don’t understand all the ‘why’s’ of me needing to walk through this ‘valley’. But I am sure seeing how I can allow God to make me into a better person as He works in my life.

He has shown me that I won’t be able to ‘do it all on my own’. Especially in the area of training my boys. God has shown me that He will take the little things that I can do and make them grow. He will fill in the gaps in my boys lives. I can’t do it all, really, no one can. But God!!!

My grace is sufficient for thee, my power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Cor. 12:9

This verse has become precious to me!! As I lean on God, allowing him to work through me in my boys. I am learning to enjoy Motherhood again. And am not looking at all the ‘if only’s’… I just do the best I can at the moment.

And I am finding this place of rest so sweet. It’s refreshing to just lay it all down. Resting, knowing God is still working it all out. I don’t have to know the ‘why’s’, and reasons, or see the whole picture. I’m just trusting Him to fill our needs and to lead us as He sees best!!

(I know it does help that right now I am having more ‘feeling-good’ days then bad!! In fact Wednesday I mowed our whole yard for the first time this summer!!! And it felt so good to be out there again. Normally it is my job, and it was a struggle to just let it go. (We have a huge yard, so takes a while to mow, meaning extra time my hubby had to make to do it.) God is so GOOD!!!)
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2 Responses to Enjoying Motherhood Part 2

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  2. So glad to see you feeling refreshed!

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