Homemade Humor #7

-‘Mom, I don’t understand Brooklyn!! When I call her a ‘baby’, she just gets mad and starts to cry!’ ‘Well Collin, girls are different than boys. They…’ ‘But Mom, I understand you!!’

-I hear a little boy go to the bathroom, I get up… he is crying. Then silence. I walk into an empty (bath)room. I never met him in the hall and wonder where he went. ‘Oh well, he must of went back to bed.’ I head for the kitchen to check the windows as it is pouring down rain. As I round the corner I see that little boy gazing out the window, thumb in his mouth, as he silently watches the down pour. ‘Jevan, what are you doing out here?’ I asked, surprised to see him there. ‘It raining!!’ ‘Yes, it is, but you need to be in bed sleeping.’ He sleepily replies, ‘Some’ne nee’ shut it off.’

-‘Dad, Jevan is blowing bubbles in his water.’ ‘Collin, that is being a tattle tale.’ ‘What, Jevan pipes up, ‘he a cow tailer??’ (Cattle trailer)

-We have been working on Collin to tell us when he goes over to the neighbors. He needs to ask, or at least let us know before he disappears. And right now his favorite response when we ask him if he asked Mom (or Dad, depends who he is talking to). ‘No, I asked God, and He said I can go (over)’. Ummmm….

-He comes running down the hall, rounds the corner into the kitchen. He has this worried look on his face as he asks… ‘Where’s my head??’ (He was looking for his chopper head.)

-As we head down the road for church and an evening of Bible School, Collin and his cousin are in the back seat talking a mile a minute. They have been together ALL day too, from 8:30 to 5 and we picked Brooklyn up again at 5:30. I finally asked ‘Will you all ever run out of things to say to each other??’ No answer, they just keep talking. I finally asked, ‘So do  you ever stop & catch your breath??’ ‘No’, answered Brooklyn, ‘We don’t have to!!’

-We head home from church, the temp shows 97*. Jevan says, ‘Let’s go to the park!!’ ‘No way!!’ I answered. ‘Why not??’ ‘It is too HOT outside!!!’ ‘No, it’s just warm!!’ He cheerfully mutters!! Mmmm, Anna might like him. He would fit right in down south!!

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3 Responses to Homemade Humor #7

  1. Brenda says:

    Its so nice to be understood by someone isn’t it? 🙂 Loved the update…made me smile:)

  2. Em says:

    lol luv these interesting little sayings of ur boys!! =D

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