When Its Hot…

We go swimming!!! (And we write in the sand, or someone does!!)

Well, maybe you should call it more like, we go play in the water and the sand!!!

I picked up all those toys at various places cheap, they have gotten lugged to the beach a lot lately and played with LOTS!!! They are the perfect beach toys. (For little, or not so little, boys!!)

Today was cooler, (compared to the past few days!) so the boys spent more time playing on the beach then normal. Tues. we were in the water. Wed. we were on, and in, the water, and today we were on the beach.

Since we live where we don’t get many HOT days, when we get s streak of hot weather, we head for the water all we can. And this week it happened 3 days in a row. Not like anyone complained here, although the boys did say they are ready to stay home now.

Wed. 4 families met out on a beach on the Mississippi River. 3 have boats, so we had a great time!! My boys were a bit uncertain of the water, as there is a strong current, but by the end of the evening, Collin was jumping off the boats into the water and Rylen was playing and happy. (He was not impressed with his method of transportation out to the beach-via a boat!!)

We used to go out on the river a lot, but it seems it just doesn’t get done very often any more. It doesn’t help when we don’t have a our own boat, and when we go with friends, we more than FILL up the boat!!

Think it tastes good??

‘We are FRIENDS Mom!!!’

They wanted this picture taken of them together as friends!!

Wed. morning the boys played really, really good together!! I was so impressed as I was getting LOTS done, so I told them how happy they were making me. And they promptly began fighting. (Won’t do that again.)

I did get lots done. I needed stuff made and knew it was then or wait a long while. So in 6 hrs. I made a double batch of granola, granola bars (recipe coming), cabbage salad, yogurt, cookies, 2 loaves of bread, crackers, made soaked pancakes for breakfast, plus went to the chiropractor. Most of the things were soaked, so some of the work was done the night before. It still felt great to have it all done, kitchen cleaned up, food packed, swimming gear around and we left by 1:30.

It was a wonderful afternoon/evening with great memories made!!


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6 Responses to When Its Hot…

  1. Linda says:

    Hey hey! So glad to see that some swimming pictures from today didn’t get on here! You’re too kind. lol. 😉 You’re a wonderful sister.

    • TenderHerb says:

      No worries, mine were not as good as the ones I took with your camera.:) So you are safe. I thought of mentioning something about it here, but decided not to. So rest easy and have a WONDERFUL day!!!

  2. Em says:

    @linda, i was kinda relieved for u when i didnt see any! lol =P
    @lois, i love when u do posts like this!!! =D

  3. Anna says:

    Bummer…I’m thinkin’ that post we were talkin’ about is just bein’ saved for later? lol
    But yeah, LOVE this weather:) And yup…Jevan is my lil hero! Its not hot…just warm;)

    • TenderHerb says:

      I think you were having fun roaming all over my blog!!:) But I loved waking up to a bunch of comments!!! You made my day, after being sick all evening and night. (Headache from Em’s ball in my neck Wed. Climaxed last night.) So thanks for making me smile!!

      • Anna says:

        Yeah…I hadn’t been on here in a while and was “catchin’ up” with ya… you know, since we never see each other;)

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