Just a Day on a Farm…

The pups are growing!!! And they are tumbling roly clumsy balls of fur!! The boys don’t get enough of them…

He has the runt.

Over a week ago we brought the runt home, he wasn’t growing and Lady was trying to get rid of him. He didn’t even have his eyes open, and was VERY tiny!!

So he lived in a box for a few days and got some home-made goat milk formula in a bottle.

 He didn’t know how to suck very good, but is much better at it now. He keeps up with his siblings, he’s just a whole lot smaller.

It’s kinda hard to tell here, but he is almost half their size.

Last week-end we went North for a wedding, so we took him back to his Mom. And at first Lady seemed rough and aggressive, but she took him back in. Now he gets 3-4 bottles a day and seems to be doing great!!!

Poor Mom!! She is so small herself, it’s fun to watch them all try to nurse at once!!

We did over 100 dz ears of corn yesterday… it was a long day!!! But I am so glad for the fun and laughter and the help!!

The noisy ‘de-silker’, but it works great!!

Think she was getting much done?? (That’s a book in her lap.)

Doing things outside is so much better than having the mess in the house!!

Then there’s the bad days!! Actually we’ve had too many bad days!! All this heat has been hard on the cows!! We’ve lost way too many, but so it goes. We tried to save this one, but her calf was so big it paralyzed her back-end. A float in the float tank for 24 hrs didn’t help much, and a day later she was going down hill fast. It’s hard to lose a heifer!!

But then the day had its JOY-

TWIN RED HEIFER calves!!!!

And out of a black heifer. A complete surprise!! But one we are glad for. We like our red holsteins around here… And if you want to know more about the calves or any other cow or why we like red ones or any other question you think of, ask Collin!! He will give you all the info you want and probably more then actually asked for!! If you do ask a questions in the comments, I’ll relay them to him and reply his answers.:) This could be fun and interesting!!

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