There’s a Reason…

‘…We are married to each other.’

‘There is a reason God put us together!!’

We may not always understand the heart of our husband/wife. It is not an easy road to meld two different lives into one. Just saying vows and committing your hearts to each other for life will not give you a lifetime free of disagreements!!

Two different people, two different backgrounds, two different life styles, two different sets of parents, two different views on life… two different goals in life… the list goes on…

It takes work to blend two hearts and lives into one. It takes a working together. It takes talking, and listening. It takes giving and taking. It takes commitment to make things work!!

I think (no, I know!!) God puts people in our lives to mold us into His image!! As we work with people it smooths the rough edges in our lives. Even the children He blesses us with shows us who we really are.

Am I selfish? Do I look for the good in others? Do I criticize? Do I build up character? Am I quick to get impatient? Do I put others first? Do I worry that I will get hurt from doing something instead of just doing what God wants me to?? Do I seek to do God’s will before seeking the approval of man? This list could really be endless…

God has a reason for putting certain people in our lives, whether the relationship is painful or a blessing. God wants us to use the relationships to build character and Christlike qualities in our own lives. Can we allow the pains in life to make us a better person or will we wallow in bitterness from painful hurts?? Seeking approval from man instead of God. God wants to do His work in my heart. Can I trust Him to mold my heart, even though some paths are rough and hurt??

Ultimately I want to mirror God’s image, even though it hurts. I want to reflect His goodness in my life. I want others to see God shining in my life.

What about you?? Can you let God use relationships to shape you too?

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