Lyme Life

It’s been a long while since I have posted anything much about lyme, or said anything of how I am doing… And it’s basically because there’s not been a lot happening. But I felt like I should say a bit of how it’s going.

I have been doing really, really good over all!! I am so thankful for the good health I have been experiencing. I feel like I have reached a stable plato for right now. I feel like there is a balance, and I pretty much know my limitations. Well, I thought I knew my limitations…

I have been feeling so good the last couple of months, that I was caught quite by surprise when I ‘crashed’ this week for 3 days. I still am not sure what all caused it, but I have some ideas.

Somethings came up that stressed me a lot!! And I cannot handle much stress. And when I start thinking of everything I want to do, need to do, would like to do… I can quickly become overwhelmed and fast start to feel depressed over it all and the lack of energy and ability to do it. I have 3 big things looming before me… starting school with Collin in a few weeks, family/reunion campout with my family, and a sister-in-law getting married in Oct. So I just feel like there is sooo much to do, so much needing done…

But my husband is awesome at putting my feet back on the ground, settling my stirrings of inadequacy and restlessness. ‘Just one day at a time!! Just do what you can and leave the rest!!’ And ‘This too shall pass.’

Yes, I have my limitations!! And it is so easy to forget when I feel so good and have energy most days. Even though the energy may not be what it was a few years ago, I am able to go about my days in an almost normal way. I am able to get lots of work done, more than I dreamed possible a few months ago.

So why do I get so discouraged on the bad days? Why do I feel so overwhelmed when I can do so much in a day?? Why can’t I be happy and satisfied with all that I am able to do??

I think I know how much I can handle and then God so gently reminds me that I can’t do it in my own power. I can only handle so much and no more. I can’t try to do it all. I can’t try to do more than I can handle, I won’t be able to do it on my own.

I have loved feeling so well. I love feeling ‘normal’. I have been able to organize and clean corners that have been lacking it for so long!! I have been able to make meals with energy and lots of love. I have been able to bake and provide food for my husband and boys in ways I only dreamed of before.

I can spend hours on my feet and scarcely feel tired. I can work and work and still feel really good. I am able to look at my work and actually feel like tackling the job, instead of just wanting to sit and stare at it wishing it would do it it’s self!!

I have mowed lawn twice this summer, Monday and once in July!! It felt so good, but I could tell it did tire me. I know even better times are ahead, I just need to be careful now and not over do it. I need to be careful in not putting more in my load then I can do. ‘Cause I am the type that likes to see my to-do list mostly crossed off at the end of the day. (I tend to make very long, unrealistic ones too many times.)

I like to feel productive, it is quite trying to me to not be able to work like I want to. I don’t like days like Thursday, I got exactly 3 things done. I finished reorganizing my binder of recipes I’ve been collecting (a 3 day project when you don’t feel so good), I washed 24 hrs worth of dishes at 4, and I made a simple spaghetti supper for my boys. Oh, I read book in there when I didn’t have anymore strength to sit at the table and my hubby gently told me to ‘just lay down and stop pushing yourself’!! It was after that, that I started to slowly regain my strength again.

And later that evening I was out working with both sets of parents, trying to finish up a wooden play set for the boys. I felt good, although as I crawled into bed, I could tell I had been on my feet for a couple of hours.

And today (Fri.) I am feel really good again… And I am thanking God for it. I think part of the reason I crashed is I was having a bit of a low spot anyway, I have to take one or two days a week of only doing light work to keep my energy up and I hadn’t really taken a break in a while. So I started crashing. Then I decided to jump on the intro GAPS Diet again, which then sent my body into a detox mode.

Even though I am very careful in what I eat, something is still causing me to break out in these itchy bumps, that are so annoying!!! At first they are random spots here and there, but then they get to be LOTS and in concentrated spots. I could itch them all day. The only thing that will clear them up is to go on GAPS for a few days, and they go away. So since Wed. I have only been drinking chicken broth and a bit of yogurt and my Reliv shakes, along with herbal teas, kombucha and water.

I am not sure what my next steps will be, as I really should stay on the full GAPS for a long while. But it is so hard, especially when you have to eat so differently from your family and the rest of the world it seems. GAPS consists of no grains. Do you know how many grains you typically eat in a week?? So at this point I am looking at staying on the full GAPS until our campout. And putting in LOTS of good flora as I continue to detox.

As I keep killing off the Lyme, I need to keep detoxing and I haven’t been staying on it so good. When you feel good, why mess it up?? But this week was a good reminder that I am not completely better yet!! I am still sick!! I still need to take care of myself. I still need to watch what I do and what I eat. There is just something about being on the GAPS diet that makes me feel so much better. I don’t always have to follow it fully, but just eating/drinking lots of broth helps lots. GAPS is good for curing the stomach, leaky-gut syndrome to skin problems. (More here. There is some great info in the FAQ part!!)

The gut/intestinal health, immune system, and nervous system are all interrelated. If you don’t eat properly, you won’t function properly. …Many people don’t realise that our gut has its own nervous system, which has been called ‘the second brain’. This system is very large and complex and has the same receptors for opiates as the brain does. In a GAPS gut proteins do not digest well, instead many of them are broken down to chains of peptides, which in their structure are similar to heroin, morphine and other opiates. The same peptides bind to the same receptors in the ‘second brain’ in the gut wall, where they have a lot to do with initiating the autoimmune attack on the gut, leading to inflammation and disease.  AndYour immune system begins in your gut—and if you have enzyme and digestive issues, chances are your immune system isn’t functioning as well as it should be’. So somewhere… somehow I will figure this out. The journey just may not be very smooth! I just HATE itching!!!

Another thing, I continue to do is go to my chiro, getting the toggles done. When I don’t do them often enough, I feel it right away!! I was going 2x a week for the last month plus. But now am able to go longer between, so we are trying every 5 days or so. Mon. & Fri. one week, and Wed. the next wk. I feel it has been a tremendous help in me feeling so good over all.

I am still taking ImLife, although I did take a break for a few weeks, I am going to jump back in and see what happens. I take Reliv 2x a day, as are the boys. And I am taking an Adrenals Aid for my over worked adrenals.

So does that cover everything?? Probably not… I’ll think of more later. So if you are an email/google subscriber, you might want to check the blog and see if I did any updates.:) I often do that to my posts… If you have any questions, just ask. I don’t know all the answers, I’m still learning. And I’m learning each Lyme journey is it’s own journey!! Each person is different and will respond different. I think the key is in proper nutrition and let the healing go from there. If you know something I don’t, share… I am open to learning too.

Right now I need to go do some canning in the pickle department. I picked at Mom’s and have 2 ice cream pails scrubbed and waiting to be put into jars.

*Update* Sunday Morning…

I have not bounced back. I felt good on Friday. But Sat. knew when I woke up I was back to dragging. So I had a very slow day!!! By 8:00 I decided I needed a Ginger Sweat Detox. I did the bath and sweated for only about 20 min. I couldn’t take it any longer. But then I slept really good. So we will see how I keep going… I think I will keep my next days and weeks simple and not do too much!! The pup is now able to lap milk, so Collin gets to go to Grandpa’s a few times a day to feed them all. I had been walking over 2-3x a day for a bit there. So hopefully this lyme herxing won’t last too much longer.

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  1. Bev says:

    hope you’re feeling better today! Is there any thing I can do to help ya out?

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