Camping Recipes

I know there are those who read my blog who enjoy camping or at least a campfire. And a campfire has to include making meals over the fire!!! I enjoy coming up with new recipes to try!! Even though we do have one set meal every time we go camping -It includes a trashcan…!! And it is always enjoyed by all!!!

So I thought I’d share a couple of links to some places with some great recipe ideas!!

Camp Recipes -has over 700 recipes for the great out-of-doors. They aren’t all over the fire, but stuff to easily make outside, such as Ice Cream in a bag.

Scoutorama – Is another great site. It is a Scouts site, with over 500 recipes!!

Razzle Dazzle Recipes Also has a lot of camping recipes.

So that gives you some new places to check out and some new ideas to try!! The dutch oven recipes are FABULOUS!!! And oh, so easy!! We never seem to make enough to go around!!

Do you have any favorite recipes you like to do over the fire?? Or any favorite spot online with great recipes to try?? Please share!!

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2 Responses to Camping Recipes

  1. sheelbeel says:

    I can’t even tell you how much I love camping food! There’s something so special about it. My personal favorite is this dessert treat call “Tiger balls”. You melt marshmallows and then add chocolate and peanut butter…so good!!!

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