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As most of you know, this is my first ‘Official’ Year of homeschooling… Last year we did the ABC books from Christian Light and Collin really enjoyed them!! But it was nothing scheduled, more like whenever he wanted to and we had the time. Guess that’s gotta change… We are looking forward to it, along with the usual fears of change and newness. It will also remain flexible, depending on my health.

One thing I know that will help us stay on track, set goals, be able to see what we have done, plan and schedule things… is a Homeschool Planner.

Here are some sites I found with awesome free downloadable pages for you to organize, set up, layout your own planner in the way you want to do it!!! All for free!!! (Err, umm, you gotta pay for your own ink and paper.:) )

I plan to take mine in and have it coil bound, as Tina, from New Beginnings does. If you want to save that cost, you could always just use a binder. But I like when I can fold my binders in half, to make it one sheet, not have to let it lay wide open, taking up more space. But I know I might get frustrated at not being able to change it, add to it, etc. Once it’s bound, it’s bound!!! So I’m thinking of waiting a month or so after using my planner, and see what’s working for me, what will work best for categorizing it, etc. then bind it.

New Beginnings has an awesome 180 Pages of planner pages to download. She has many different options and layouts to choose from, and is just a great place to start.

Donna Young is another GREAT place for printable resources. She has lots of pages to pick from for a homeschooling binder. She also has calendars, household daily lists of to-do’s, chores, grocery list, etc. And you can choose half-binder size for some of these. Which is personally what I like for my home organizing binder and daily to-do lists.

Hold That Thought has a great Weekly organizer page. I’m gonna try that one and see what I think. They have a few other pages to print too.

The Homeschool Mom also has planner pages for you to print. And links to more places too… Some I listed.

Homeschool Curriculum for Life She has planners to print and lots of other resources there as well.

That should give you a start… It sure did for me!!!

I wanna keep a record of our homeschool years. And I think this binder way would be a great way to do it!!

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One Response to Homeschool Planner Links

  1. Bev says:

    I was gonna make some of my own pages, charts etc but i’ll have to check these out first 🙂

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