No More Nuk

One morning (last week) I heard the lid on the trash can bang, but gave no thought to who put what in there. Until later when I went to throw something away, and I seen this…

See that NUK resting in there?? I never said a word to him about it, and he never told me what he had done. But I decided that it wasn’t worth letting it lay there for him to change his mind, so I buried it.

And he never has mentioned it again!!! Although nap time and bed times were a bit rougher as he learned to soothe himself to sleep without it.

Earlier in the week he was insisting on having the thing more and more, during the day. His dad decided enough was enough, and he snipped the end off. If you look closely you can see that in pic. He took off a bigger chunk then I would have, but hey, it worked!!

He!!! He would put it in his mouth, but it just didn’t work right. So he slept with it in his hand for a few nights. We would tell him to just throw it away, it was blak. And he would throw it in there, but turn around and get it right back out. It was just a matter of time.

We had done the same thing with Collin. I started limiting the nuk to only naps/bedtime, or in his crib. They soon get tired of only getting to suck it while stuck in bed. Then I trimmed the end, just enough to let the air out. At first Collin just pulled it back out and looked at it then popped it back in. That time it didn’t work so great. A couple of days later, I trimmed more off, and just kept doing it, telling him it was gross and didn’t work right anymore. And he soon had enough of not having much to suck on.

So for both of them it has been simple… and easy really. But the biggest job is yet to come!!! Anyone have ideas for breaking a thumb sucker??

Jevan at 3 mths

He inherited it quite honestly. It is a common trait on the Hershey side of my family. (For those that don’t know, my maiden name is Hershey.) I was a thumb-sucker, my Dad was, and I have lots of cousins who were too. I kinda tried to keep Jevan from sucking his thumb, but it was all that would keep him quiet, so I left him go. He was colicky from 3 wks to 10 mths. That thumb was a life-saver many times over!!! I don’t regret it at all. I am just ready to break him of the habit now.

It beginning to not look so cute anymore.:) We keep talking to him about it, and trying to get him to see/realize what he is doing. I don’t know how many things he has run into, about run into… etc, all because he is so busy sucking his thumb he isn’t paying attention to what he is doing!!

So any ideas?? Please share… I do have thumb stop stuff, but know then I would have to keep up with putting it on. Ideally I won’t have to do much, he will just wean himself. haha Seriously, share your ideas, or what has worked for you. Thanks!!

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3 Responses to No More Nuk

  1. Esther says:

    I don’t have any ideas yet, but would love to know how too! 🙂 My 2 boys, ages 26 months and 10 months are both thumb suckers. At this point I am not really in a hurry, they are both so young yet. But Jamin (2 yr old) basically only does it in bed, and I am hoping that maybe when he gets a bit older I can just take away his blankie? They both have blankies that they just have to have to sleep, that and their thumbs! 🙂 Good success to you!

  2. Gwen says:

    Keep on sock on his hand. Or put a band-aid on his thumb. I haven’t actually tried these but a friend of mine did with good success.

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