I’m Raising Farm Boys

Boys -bringing the farm inside!!-

I taught them something new last evening… They were busy chopping corn and filling silo. And there were some arguments as where the silo blower was to sit each time one came up to empty his wagon. So I finally came to the ‘rescue’ and taped a straw to the side of the oatmeal-canister-turned-silo. The end perfectly came to the top of the ‘blower’ which is actually a broken corn chopper. It was all good and grand, but to Collin. The top of that straw just went straight into the air at the top of the ‘silo’. I told him to just leave it and imagine it went into the silo.

Well, just now he came and showed me how he had reworked the whole thing… Using two straws with a 3rd over top to connect the 2. And the top it had that bendy part, so it can bend over the top of that silo and blow the corn silage ‘INSIDE’ that silo!!!!

I’m enjoying this new stage they are hitting, of rigging up things to make them as real to life as possible!! I’m guessing I will go through LOTS of straws, tape, yarn, toothpicks, twisties, screws, nails… and who knows what all else.This was another day. After a day spent filling bags with chopped corn silage. They came home and had 3 baggers going. (They were VERY busy!! And had LOTS of men working!!! Their Dad only had 2 going. So starts the competition of being better than Dad.:) ) And the wagons don’t have the tops on because they drive along side the self-propelled chopper that chops right into the wagons, saving time from unhooking and rehooking wagons, just like Dad!!

They also went through a spell of using yarn to ‘tie their cows’ in their ‘stalls’. Do you know how often they can tie and untie cows and how many cows were brought to Mom to be tied up again?!?!? But they were having fun. And it wasn’t for real long, they lost all the yarn and I haven’t offered any replacements. (They will find it one day soon enough and maybe by then at least one of them will know how to tie on their own.)

Thought you might like these two pictures, above and below. This how they ‘farm’ most days. The cows/animals don’t stand so well on the carpet, so they put them on blocks. And have them as their pens and barns. If they don’t do that they play on my kitchen table, totally taking it over. (No, we don’t have a table-cloth or a center piece. Maybe one day when I no longer have little boys. Right I don’t mind at all, at least most days!!)

Oh, and incase you are wondering why there are pigs and all manner of other animals ‘tied in stalls’ like cows… they don’t have enough cows, so they pretend the other animals are cows too. And yes, they know when they are missing certain cows. They don’t have them counted, but they know when there are some missing!!! And yes, there are the favorites!! Crazy boys…

And they LOVE it when their Dad gets down on the floor and farms with them. Then they take over the whole main floor level. And it gets very noisy!!!

Need a homemade slide?? A table works great. But lets just say they didn’t get to do this stunt for long!! I would like to keep my table in working, ‘unbended’ order!!

I posted this mainly for those Aunts of mine who LOVE seeing and hearing the latest things my boys come up with. The rest of you just get to get a peek into my daily life.

For those who are not friends with me on FB, here is one from Jevan the other night… My ‘farm boys’… With Pj’s on, laying in bed and no sleep in sight… Delvyn comes in, ‘We have a baby calf in the barn.’ ‘You dood?’ ‘Yep’. ‘What i’d it?’ ‘A heifer calf.’ ‘Goot job, Dad.’ ‘Hey, where you going?’ ‘Out twod da barn twod seed it.’ ‘No, you’re not, you get back to bed!!’  Ahhh, love my boys. For now I am enjoying the laughter over their own jokes, the giggles as they tickle each other and the chatter of words only they can understand!! I am blessed!!!

What are some things your ‘little’s’ do to keep themselves busy??

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